6 Startup Trends from TechCrunch Disrupt

I’ve spent the last 3 days at TechCrunch Disrupt learning about the latest and greatest tech startups Silicon Valley (and actually the world) has to offer.  I noticed that many of the start-ups, many of which launched at TechCrunch Disrupt, are doing very similar things.  Here I’ll summarize the trends I saw.  While not totally relevant to the social enterprise world, I do believe many of these technologies can be leveraged to make a difference or at least improve the operations of a sustainable business.

1) Mobile everything

  • Pay with your phone with BlingNation.  MobilePay does something very similar. Easily build mobile apps with ApplicationCraft.   InstaMobile creates a mobile store fast and simple for anyone.  With ParticleCode you can automatically port mobile apps across platforms.  DudaMobile turns websites into mobile sites.
  • Clixtr lets you collaborate with friends and strangers on event related photo albums.  Pinger provides free texting!
  • Apsalar provides mobile analytics.

2) Social networks for everything

  • Yammer is a social network for the enterprise.
  • CapLinked is a social network for companies raising private funding.
  • Clothia is a social network for trying on clothes.
  • Just to name a few…

3) Find and hang out with your friends

  • Posterbee is a group communication solution.
  • Connectsy lets you connect with your friends real time to let them know you’re having lunch and they can join. Foound does pretty much the same thing. As does REI-Frontier.  And Vol.ly.
  • Marco uses GPS to find your friends.

4) Social shopping

  • Scandit from Mirasense lets you scan barcodes and get product information as well as request feedback thru facebook.  Zappli’s MyShopanion does pretty much the same thing.

5) Email enhancements

  • MailVU lets you send video emails.
  • Ovia does something similar for video interviews.
  • Baydin turns email into a game.
  • Meshin is a semantic Outlook sidebar to help you find information when you need it.

6) Blogger tools

  • Clp.ly lets you turn any website into a formatted image perfect for sharing or blogging.
  • Storify lets you use social media in your stories.
  • Postling lets small businesses and individuals track and react to social media easily.

It definitely crossed my mind that all this brain power could be better spent focused on more pressing problems, like poverty, climate change, education etc.  That said, some of these are certainly applicable. Next up I’ll tell you about my favorite start-ups from TechCrunch Disrupt which include the ones I see as more beneficial to society as a whole, not just Silicon Valley dwellers.

Amie runs Cobblestone Solutions, LLC, a consultancy focusing on business development, marketing, communications and strategy for mission driven companies. Previously, Amie served as Director of Business Development for Viv (a Bay Area environmental start-up), Program Manager for Social Venture Technology Group (a boutique consulting firm focused on measuring social and environmental impact), and Associate Consultant at Bain & Co (a global management consulting firm). She is particularly interested in innovations that reduce waste, altering consumer behavior for good, and leveraging the power of business to solve the climate crisis. You can read more from her on her blog, on GreenBiz.com, and on JustMeans.

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  1. Hi Amie,
    thanks for your insights.

    I would add health related issues to your list of pressing problems: obesity and popping more and more pills rather than changing our lifestyle to name a few.


  2. Technology, information, education are all “musts” for economic development. Economic development is the best remedy for poverty, human health (human development index), and a better world for all. Thank you for showing that you are keenly aware of this as you crunch tech.
    I run a seed capital fund in Brazil that is trying to do what you suggest for your Silicon Valley pals. We would love to see more partners in developing means for people to make a living without destroying the environment.
    Congratulations and keep up the good reporting!

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