Clinton Global Initiative: Fleet GHG Reductions Could Have Huge Impact

A collaboration of three major organizations heavily involved in vehicle fleet management and environmental protection, today announced a major effort to reduce fleet emissions by 20% over the next five years. Environmental Defense Fund, Donlen and GreenDriver made this “Commitment to Action” as part of the Clinton Global Initiative. Given the nearly three million vehicles on the road in corporate vehicle fleets, full participation in this effort could lead to a reduction of more that ten million metric tons of GHG emissions.

Donlen Corporation has been providing fleet management services for over 45 years. They provide expertise that allows their customers to reduce operating costs through driver training (administered by Green Driver) and technology utilized both on the road and in the back office. Their approach relies heavily on measurement tools such as their proprietary Telematics ® system. They have previously developed strategic partnerships with both the EPA’s SmartWay Program which provides information to help managers select the most efficient vehicles for their needs and the Sierra Club, with whom they launched the CoolFleets carbon calculator.

GreenDriver is the fleet industry’s only environmental business focused specifically on reducing mobile source CO2 emissions through driver education and behavior management.

Environmental Defense Fund has a long history of partnering with business, governments and local communities to find practical solutions to environmental problems. They will contribute to the collaboration by validating Donlen’s data collection process, reduction strategies and methodology. We described some of their earlier efforts on vehicle fleets in a post back in February (Video).

In his announcement, Donlen CEO Gary Rappeport said, “The transportation industry is responsible for 28 percent of the overall greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. As a leader in the fleet management industry, it’s important that Donlen takes the initiative to help reduce commercial fleet GHG on a broader scale. The Clinton Global Initiative offers us the venue to address this critically important issue, and we’re proud to collaborate with EDF to be part of the larger work of CGI.”

EDF Project Manager Jason Mathers added, “Many opportunities exist today for companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle fleets while cutting costs. Time and again, we have seen that a smart, performance-based structure is critical to achieving success. This commitment through the Clinton Global Initiative is a shining example of such a structure. We applaud Donlen and Green Driver for taking a central role in coordinating this commitment and are proud to work with them on this effort.”

The Commercial Fleet 20% GHG Emissions Reduction Commitment to Action was officially announced today at the 2010 CGI Annual Meeting in New York City at the Environment and Energy keynote session by Master of Ceremony José María Figueres, Former President of the Republic of Costa Rica.

On Donlen’s company website, they claim that reducing GHG emissions by 20% can also save an average fleet $200,000 in fuel costs (based on $3/gallon). Backing away a bit from the “full participation” numbers cited above the company estimates realistic reductions exceeding 500,000 metric tons, which suggests a participation rate of 5% during the initial period.

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