Myoo Create Wants To Teach The World To Scheme


By Carla Rover

That’s scheme in the British sense- as in the planning and execution of a collaborative project. Incubated by UK-based Adventure Ecology, Myoo Create, currently in beta, is a collaborative social media company which has partnered with Levi’s to run a series of challenges for budding eco-entrepreneurs. (Triple Pundit also collaborated with Myoo and Social Capital Markets on the “What’s Next Campaign“).

“Nobody is as smart as everybody”, says Myoo Create core team member Rebecca Petzel of the company’s view of the value of social media’s ability to bring companies closer to grass roots, collaborative innovation. She’s quoting the website’s tagline, but the phrase peppers her conversations naturally. Petzel’s high-energy espousal of community-powered innovation belies a business model straight out of the Harvard Business Review. Myoo Create’s social media strategy is ambitious- creating an online caucus of eco-entrepreneurs who, via partnerships with global brands like Levi’s, create for-profit, community-sourced solutions to social and ecological problems.

Myoo Create hopes to popularize the idea of a proactive, collaborative web. One which not only uses social media as a channel for casual connections but as one which unleashes discourse and active problem solving which launch game-changing entrepreneurial projects.

“We are talking about the opposite of ‘groupthink’- we call it “wethink”, says Petzel, who states that the power of social media has been woefully underutilized as a tool to create real world solutions. Myoo Create allows organizations to post an environmental or social challenge to the website, with either the organization or one of Myoo Create’s partnering brands offering a cash grant for the winning solution, which is then chosen by the community and a panel of industry judges.

Their latest challenge, Care To Air, sponsored by Levi’s, created a challenge for members to find eco-friendly clothes drying solutions, with a $10,000 prize. Myoo Create was flooded with entries, underscoring, Petzel says, that social media can become an engine of entrepreneurial innovation and not just fan pages.

Petzel believes that the collaborative web, her term for social enterprise initiatives that are group-sourced and entrepreneurial, can create an “ecosystem” of global brands and environmental and social entrepreneurs collaborating to create mutually profitable solutions to social concerns. What is unique about Myoo Create is its forthright willingness to link major brands like Levi’s to environmental and social enterprise business models created by grass roots organizations- exclusively via social media.

“Our strategy to sustain ourselves (as a company) is to start off by working with recognized global brands like Levi’s,” states Petzel,  who says that the company aims to create a social media driven community which produces commercially viable solutions to global environmental and social problems which will in turn hopefully be adapted by major industries.

Myoo Create may have latched on to something- at least in the vein of drawing brands into online relationships with passionate, concept-driven users whom are willing brand ambassadors- and social media evangelists. Their brand-friendly, crowd-sourced outreach might herald a new tack for companies seeking inroads into a devoted fanbase who are committed to a cause and open to brand involvement.

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