Panels Loaded With Advanced Battery Technology May Power Future Volvos

Battery technology has given a huge volt to the automobile industry. More models offer a “hybrid” option, and plug-in hybrids have created a buzz, whether it is over the Volt or Leaf. But those batteries pose their challenges: they require rare metals that are costly to extract, are expensive, and are heavy. Volvo is currently … Continued

What Makes A Successful Clean Tech P.R. Firm?

There is a pressing need to communicate the benefits of clean technology to an expanding consumer base. Many clean tech firms choose to do their own public relations for the sake of cutting costs. However, if chosen wisely, a P.R. firm can significantly increase the bottom-line for clean tech companies. Schwartz Communications, for example, announced … Continued

Quest for a good Environmental Sustainability Scorecard Part 4

By: Dr. Aruna Ram My previous articles in this series reviewed the first four issues in current environmental rating schemes, certain insights and a new methodology, Corporate Environmental Performance Rating (CEPR) scheme that offers potential solutions to address these issues. This article will detail four more issues, insights and potential solutions for the same. Credibility … Continued

Secret Trade Agreement Threatens Internet Freedom, Affordable Health Care and More

While the stated objective of reducing piracy and counterfeiting are laudable goals, critics claim that this legislation is heavy-handed goes too far, ignores the interests of developing countries and hands out a grab bag of gifts to Health Care, Big Pharma and the Motion Picture industry, who just happen to be major donors to the campaigns of every member of the US Congressional Caucus on Intellectual Property and Piracy Prevention, who are, along with US Ambassador Susan C. Schwab, the driving force behind this legislation

Edward James Olmos Slams Prop 23 In NRDC Ad

An anti-Proposition 23 ad by Edward James Olmos’ for the National Resources Defense Counsel (NRDC) appeared on YouTube in July in English and Spanish. Olmos said in the ad, “Don’t let polluters from Texas tell us how to live.” Considering Olmos is a household name, the ad is a great campaign tactic.

Reform of the US Securities Laws is Necessary for Impact Investing to Reach Full Potential

Triple Pundit recently teamed up with SoCap10 to explore the opportunity and challenge of impact investing. In partnership with Myoo Create, we put a call out to bloggers asking: What’s Next? How will social enterprise unlock the $120 billion market opportunity for impact investment? Leading up to SoCap10 October 4th-6th, we’re featuring the best answers … Continued

SLDI Project Goes Carbon Negative

“Climate change is inevitable, proceeding and even accelerating.” With those alarming opening words, British scientist James Lovelock, author of the new book, “The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning,” is delivering a sobering message to large and influential audiences around the world. He says there’s nothing we can do now but adapt and survive. … Continued

The Future of Cities Lies in Their Veins: Public Transportation, Zoning, and Innovation

Globalized trade is driving urbanization at an unprecedented scale.  From 1980 to 2007, China’s population shifted from being 20% to 45% urban.  McKinsey recently reported that by 2030, India will have shifted from being 30% to 50% urban. Yet, the inability to keep up with the pace of economic growth, skewed incentives that encourage unnecessary … Continued

Why Green Business is Good Business: The Case Against Prop 23

By Andy Mannle, Education Director, West Coast Green As we prepare for West Coast Green 2010, which kicks off Thursday September 30th in San Francisco, we are in constant contact with speakers from across the business spectrum, and they’re increasingly talking about Prop 23.  We deal with everyone from small design firms to global technology … Continued

REI: Portrait of a Responsible Company

Fortunately, today we have many examples of triple-bottom-line, sustainably focused companies. Okay, maybe not as many as we would like or as many as we need, but its getting better. If you don’t believe me, keep reading TriplePundit. You’ll see. Every once in a while a shining star will catch the attention, demanding notice. Working … Continued

Big Business Ponders Life after EPA’s Climate Leaders

This month’s announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will  eliminate its Climate Leaders program caught many business leaders off guard.  The program, which works with large companies in voluntarily tracking and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, was seen as an overall success by the companies that participated. Just a few months ago, I spoke … Continued

Van Jones Comes Out Kicking Against Controversial California Ballot Proposition

Enter another high profile person lending his voice to speak in opposition to Proposition 23 which would overturn California’s 2006 Global Warming Solutions Act. Van Jones, in a September 9 co-written blog post for ThinkProgress, said of the Act that it “sent a clear message to investors and businesses that clean energy will be the … Continued

Fake Farmers Markets? Vendors Busted in LA

Farmers markets offer an opportunity to buy local produce, know your farmers, and to buy fruits and vegetables that have not hibernated in a warehouse for months.  Name a city or town in North America, and chances are that the community has a farmers’ market.  California scores with stone fruit; the Midwest has some of … Continued

What’s Next Interview: David Hodgson of The IdeaHive and International Futures Forum

As part of our partnership with the Social Capital Markets Conference 2010, we are featuring a series of interviews with key conference participants. Don’t forget to get your 30% discount by using the code “3P30″ when you register! David Hodgson is a Principal with The IdeaHive and a Converger with The International Futures Forum.  He is also … Continued

Kiva Jumps into the Student Loan Business

Imagine living in a country where you have no access to student loans. In the U.S. that seems almost impossible as the Obama Administration pours loads of cash into the hands of those eager enough to pursue a degree and all the Dominos pizza that comes with it. In fact, a recent overhaul of the student loan program in the states makes it even more accessible for young Americans to enter college. In countries less fortunate, your options are very limited as far as attending university. Imagine a vehicle in which people from all over the world would be able to donate as little as $25 towards individuals wishing to pursue higher learning. Imagine no further. Kiva, the pioneer in micro-lending for entrepreneurs in less fortunate countries that has loaned more than $150 million to 408,000 entrepreneurs in 53 countries, has entered the student lending business.