Paupers to Partners: Co-Creation as New Framework for Base of Pyramid

By C. Sala Hewitt 2010 marks the 10th anniversary of the equally venerated and vilified concept of “Base of the Pyramid” first proposed in an academic paper by then business academic CK Prahalad.  The concept gained considerable steam in business circles to become one of the millennium’s business game changers.  “Base of the Pyramid” refers … Continued

Managing Conference Waste: The Little Things Count

by Sarah A. Maine Like most big conferences, the 2010 Net Impact conference is filled with lofty ideals, ambitious vision, non-stop breakout sessions, and relentless networking. As I hop from session to session I am alternately energized and enervated; I am also heavily reliant on the support structure put in place by the conference organizing … Continued

Dear Public Sector: FAIL

By Brandon Tidwell My eight year-old niece has adopted a new term: fail. It’s a definitive way to tell someone they didn’t measure up, they didn’t come through, or they simply missed the mark. As I’ve considered the most pressing sustainability issues of our time, businesses and non-profits are leading the way. Woefully absent is … Continued

Video Interview: Rachel Botsman on Leveraging Collaborative Consumption Trends

What do eBay, Zipcar, Craigslist, Kiva and timeshare real estate have in common?  They all represent businesses that harness the power of collaborative consumption, or simply put, sharing.  But this is not playing nice in the sandbox, rather, it is tracked and coordinated sharing on a global scale.  Large scale sharing creates a more sustainable … Continued

Software Should Hold “Greenwashers” Accountable

By Hunter Richards Greenwash (verb, \ˈgrēn-wȯsh\) – “to market a product or service by promoting a deceptive or misleading perception of environmental responsibility”. It’s no secret that “going green” has become the next big thing in the corporate world. Riding the wave of consumers’ growing interest in environmental sustainability, companies are launching major ad campaigns … Continued

Holland America Cruises Through Inaugural Sustainability Report

Holland America Line released their first sustainability report this October. The cruise industry tends to get a bad wrap in sustainability circles: if it’s not releasing sewage in open waters,  it’s carrying invasives from one side of the planet to the other and obliterating local marine ecosystems. Don’t get me started on their impact on … Continued

Questions Every CEO Should be Asking About CSR Reporting

Sustainability Reporting:  Seven questions CEOs and boards should ask was released yesterday by Ernst & Young, as part of the Webinar they held on reporting. The paper explores the following questions: Who issues sustainability reports? Why release a sustainability report if you don’t have to? What information should a sustainability report contain? What sort of … Continued

Gaming For Good: Ridekicks

It used to be that gaming was considered a waste of time, the pastime of pasty skinned boys. Something to blame for the lack of connection in our communities. Now, it’s being used to educate our children, bring math to life for adults and…make ridesharing cool?! Building on the premise that when you add rewards, acknowledgment, … Continued

Water Wars: Oregon Vs. Nestle

One of Nestlé’s brands, Arrowhead, has made a huge move in Oregon. The company wants to tap at least 100 million gallons of water from a new spring near the state’s iconic Mount Hood. The new water source has the potential to reverse Nestlé’s sagging sales. But there’s a problem: more than a few Oregonians are furious.

Angell Chocolate Bars Full of Fair Trade Indulgence

Angell Organic Candy Bars is the brainchild of husband-and-wife founders Christopher and Suzanne Angell. The couple has spent the last few years sorting out how they can blend the highest quality ingredients, commit to sustainable production, and find a competitive price point.

Got Wind? Not Sure? Wind Products Can Help

Many homeowners around the world are interested in exploring opportunities for small scale wind, but a gap exists between education and action. There are many issues that have to be addressed before an individual decides to implement wind on their property, including questions about wind potential, federal and state incentives and environmental issues associated with … Continued

Rediscover Nature’s Gifts with Benchic Organic Chocolates

The amount of information available about eating organic can be overwhelming. What fruits and vegetables should be consumed organic only? Which foods are okay non-organic? The fact is that eating organic, particularly organic and locally sourced combined, is not only healthier, but tastes so much better. The same goes for chocolate. The use of cacao … Continued

Should Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting be Mandatory?

A common vision emerged during the opening keynote panel discussion at the Net Impact Conference 2010. This is a vision of becoming an ethics and values driven society, incorporating it into business, and integrating this vision into business school curriculum. Easy to say, a bit more difficult to do (even more difficult to find a … Continued

Userful Offers Affordable, Green Computing for Schools Worldwide

Userful, a Canadian-based computer company, can perform a magic trick. It can turn one computer into ten. This sleight-of-hand has brought computers to more than 300,000 schools in 100 countries around the world, where computer access was previously impossible due to price and a lack of skilled personnel to maintain the systems. Userful’s multiple-seat application … Continued