Rediscover Nature’s Gifts with Benchic Organic Chocolates


The amount of information available about eating organic can be overwhelming. What fruits and vegetables should be consumed organic only? Which foods are okay non-organic? The fact is that eating organic, particularly organic and locally sourced combined, is not only healthier, but tastes so much better. The same goes for chocolate. The use of cacao dates back to the Aztecs, who believed it to be a source of wisdom and energy.

For many reasons, chocolate is the ultimate comfort food. Chocolate boosts the brain chemicals seratonin and endorphin, which both produce a euphoric feeling. The lipid anandamide, termed the “bliss receptor”, is also found in chocolate and activates the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter which leads to feelings of well being. The phenols in chocolate are also known to help the immune system, reduce the risk of cancer and promote heart health. Raw chocolate has been shown to have 20 times the antioxidant power of red wine and it’s high in iron, copper and zinc. Considering all of these potential health benefits, isn’t it time that you considered trying organic chocolate? Do yourself a favor and try the handmade, organic deliciousness that is Benchic Chocolates.

Owner Ben Tseitlin is passionate about making chocolate that people enjoy and that is good for their health. His goal is to provide chocolate that is as close to its natural form as possible, a taste that many have yet to experience. His love for chocolate started when he was blown away by some chocolates he had at a restaurant, which prompted him to begin reading and watching videos about making chocolate. Ben would give his “trials” to friends to get feedback and constantly improved his process.

Having reached perfection (my humble opinion), Ben’s chocolates are made with raw cacao butter and powder, raw almonds, raw wild honey, dried goji berries, lucuma and bit of Himalayan salt. He includes locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and his almonds and honey are both from farms near the Bay Area.

Better taste and high quality are just two of the reasons to eat organic chocolate. Chocolate from cocoa beans imported into the US are allowed to have various levels of pesticides. These pesticides, like methyl bromide, naled, pyrethrins and hydrogen cyanide, can be harmful to our health. Lindane, a pesticide used to treat head lice, is banned from use on US food crops but has been found in some European chocolate. These pesticidal residues can contribute to things like prostate cancer, thyroid issues as well as kidney and liver problems.

It isn’t just about eating organic chocolate to be healthier, the bottom line is that these chocolates from Benchic taste amazing. In the first bite, I felt like I was truly able to taste the raw and perfect qualities of natural, unprocessed cacao.

Indulgence, without the guilt…besides yesterday was National Chocolate Day, so celebrate!

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