Green For All Launches the Green Jobs Bus in Advance of Prop 23 Initiative

Green For All, a national organization based in California, devoted to the development and expansion of the green economy, has launched a late October campaign to raise awareness about the importance of green jobs. The timing is critical because of the potential impact on the green economy if Proposition 23 should pass.

This proposition, which would repeal California’s landmark Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 was backed by oil companies such as Valero and Tesoro, as well as Koch Industries who put a tremendous amount of money into this campaign, and backed the effort to put this proposition on the ballot for next week’s election. Green For All claims that this proposition would put a major damper on green jobs, which have been growing briskly in California, outpacing conventional job growth by as much as ten to one. The group has put out a video that dramatizes these concerns.

The bus, which is really a hybrid SUV, will be touring ten California cities including Oakland, Sacramento, Fresno, and Los Angeles.

Today, the bus arrived in Sacramento where its participants visited the CSU Clean Tech Showcase and the Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, and learned about the Go Green Initiative which aims to make the six-county Sacramento region a leader in sustainability. They have a new clean green technology center that they hope will become a focal point. The Asian Pacific Chamber is focusing its attention on the role that small businesses can play. Chamber President Patricia Fong Kushida described a major Smart Grid initiative that is just getting under way.

The bus riders also spoke with Sacramento Mayor, former NBA All-Star Kevin Johnson who described some of the opportunities for green jobs in Sacramento. His vision is to transform Sacramento into the Emerald Valley and become the greenest region in the country. The Clean Tech sector in Sacremento has experienced a national best green job growth rate of 87% over the past decade, Over 100 Clean Tech companies in the area employ over 2000 people. They hope to continue this growth based on what Johnson calls the three I’s: Intellectual capital, Innovation and Influencers.

As for Proposition 23, Johnson calls it a green job killer. “This is the one growing sector in California, in a very down economy.” So why would anyone want to kill that?

I think we all know the reason. Starts with M and rhymes with funny.

You can follow the bus tour here.

As of this posting this bus was on its way to LA.

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  1. PROP 26 is just as damaging as PROP 23. Prop 26 is a treacherous, Big Oil rip-off, which “passes the buck” from oil corporation, clean-up fees to the public’s taxes, who will pay the oil recycling fees, the materials hazards fees and other fees. If you do not understand the ambiguities and the intrigiues behind Prop 26, then, vote no. Power to the people. BP, Shell and Exxon Mobil are silent partners behind Prop 26.

  2. Prop 23 does not kill the green industry. It does not even put it off of it’s advantaged position. It just does not write a check that will cost every California consumer more than we can afford.

    AB 32 supporters claim that 500,000 jobs are at stake, which is patently false. That would be every green job in California, now and into the future. We lost over 60,000 jobs just last month, and only gained a handful of “green jobs.”

    AB 32 can never hope to replace the jobs that have already been lost, much less the jobs that are put on the chopping block by AB 32.

    Texas has managed to grow its economy at roughly the same pace that California has shrunk its economy, and Texas also has installed TRIPLE the wind powered electrical generation as California. Texas has done this by being friendly and inviting to business, where California has become increasinly hostile to business.

    Vote Yes on 23. It really is about jobs and the economy.

  3. The key thing to keep in mind is that, according to CARB, the organization who wrote and will enforce AB32, AB 32 will do NOTHING to help global warming, will cost jobs and have a negative effect on the economy. This comes from the very people who drew it up!

    AB 32 does nothing for local pollution.

    Prop 23 leaves us with the toughest pollution laws in the country, among the toughest in the world. It will NOT increase local pollution

    If Proposition 23 is rejected, here is what will happen according to expert sources:

    •A 60 percent increase in your electricity bill according to the Southern California Public Power Authority.

    •An 8 percent increase in your natural gas bill according to CARB’s economic analysis.

    •$50,000 more for the price of a new home according to an analysis by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

    •$3.7 billion a year more for gasoline and diesel according to Sierra Research.

    •A $1,000-$3,000 additional cost for a new car according to CARB and automaker studies.

    On top of all that, a study conducted for the California Small Business Roundtable found that AB 32 regulations would cost small business alone nearly $200 billion, and would result in more than 1 million lost jobs.

    The more I learn about AB 32, the more I fear it. It just gets worse. Please vote yes on Prop23.

    “”2 Guys on the Bay Area Transportation Board told the CARB people, “If you try to do what you are going to do(AB 32) we’ll have gas at $9.07 a gallon and we have freeway tolls at up to $4,500 a year to drive during rush hour.”

    “Part of the plan is to stop suburban development, get people to stop driving, make driving too expensive for people to live out there, force them to live in high-rises, condos, in the city.”

    For months, John and Ken have made Prop 23 their top priority, calling it a necessary step to stop a law they say will kill jobs and cost Californians a fortune in higher gas and energy prices. With an estimated one million listeners per week, these two guys usually manage to rally enough votes to get their way.

    The video has John and Ken explaining why they think this bill is the most important measure on the ballot.

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