Scott Naturals: Tube-Free Toilet Paper: When It’s Gone It’s Gone

In the “what will they think of next” category, Scott Paper Company just announced the introduction of a new tube-free toilet paper. The innovation, which is the result of a proprietary winding process, eliminates the cardboard roll that has formed the core of the roll since 1880.  According to information from Kimberly Clark, who also … Continued

Green Jobs or Asthma? San Diego CEOs Organize to Defeat Prop 23

Passage of this proposition would effectively repeal the landmark Clean Energy Law, AB32. In anticipation of AB32 being implemented, the group has seen a boom of clean energy technology businesses that has created more than 500,000 new jobs and $9.1 billion in private equity investments to our state. In fact, clean technology jobs are growing at a rate 10 times the average of other industries.

Smart Grid’s Long Road Ahead: An interview with Katherine Hamilton

By Amy Hsuan The nation’s electric power industry, dating back to the 19th century, is in the early phases of an unprecedented change. With new, renewable resources coming online and commercial users searching for new modes of efficiency, the underlying infrastructure that has served the power needs of the United States for the better part … Continued Acquisition Highlights Growth in Social Commerce

Back in 1998, way before the word “green” was widely bandied around as a verb, Lawrence Axil Comras set off on a new venture to develop a rating and certification system for eco-friendly home products. It kind of flopped. “It was a small, difficult market and the suppliers wouldn’t deal with me,” he says. “But … Continued

Milk and Clay Make for a Potential Styrofoam Alternative: Aeroclay

A student of David Schiraldi, a polymer scientist at the venerable Cleveland university, stumbled into the idea of a polystyrene alternative by accident. The student freeze dried some clay and became intrigued by the physical change in the material. Schiraldi’s research team began to mix the clay with various materials, and a young start up was born.

CSR In the Developing World: Solution or Problem?

Ann Bernstein leads the Centre for Development and Enterprise in Johannesburg, South Africa. In her new book, The Case for Business in Developing Economies, she makes the case that the problem in developing nations is not unethical corporations. Instead, there are not enough businesses operating in countries like South Africa, which suffers from an unemployment rate that is anywhere from 24% to 33%.

Welcome to Detroit: WindSpire Moves Towards a Sustainable Future

The Net Impact Conference 2010 at Ann Arbor, Michigan, officially begins this afternoon.  But if you are flying into Detroit Metro Airport en-route to the conference, you may be in for a unofficial greeting of this years theme “a vision for a sustainable decade.”  You will see renewable energy in action.

Sustainable Cities Should Look to Wireless Broadband Rather than Fiber

Ever rush to catch the train or bus only to find yourself waiting for it to arrive?  With city-wide government-encouraged wireless broadband, you may never face this frustration again. A smart phone app can provide a constantly-updated arrival time of your train or bus.  Such an app would be a sustainability boon since it would … Continued

A Look At Prop 23 Donations

Looking at the donations given in support of Proposition 23 is interesting. The top donor is a Texas-based oil company, Valero, which gave a total of $5,075,315. Last week, Valero gave $1 million, according to figures. The second largest donor is Tesoro, another Texas-based oil company, which gave a total of $2,040,637. Last week … Continued

The NFL’s Lip Service to Safety

By David Croushore This week, the NFL finally made a reasonable gesture with respect to player safety.  However, the crackdown on brutal hits is only a good start in the fight for player safety that must continue. As Greg Easterbrook of ESPN is quick to point out, the NFL must make efforts to promote the … Continued

Now At 6 Walmarts: A Big Giant Excuse Destroyer

A frequent topic of conversation among business’s big thinkers is the importance of connecting with and more effectively engaging consumers. But how can you connect retailers, manufacturers and consumers with each other, simultaneously? It may have begun now, in the shape of a converted trailer now residing in 6 Walmarts. The Terracycle Store Collection System … Continued

The Green Corporate Ladder and Closing the Salary Gap: Four Tips for Women’s 2010 CSR salary survey report came out this week.    As reported by, some of the interesting trends detailed in the GreenBiz Salary report include: Compensation is strong: Sustainability executives are compensated at salaries comparable to those of their peers at larger companies. Vice presidents of sustainability earn an average of $192,064, whereas … Continued

BMW Releases New Bicycle Line. Not an April Fool

The BMW Cruise Bike boasts a 24 speed derailleur system, designed by BMW’s engineers with sporty day trips in mind. For those who live in cities, BMW’s Touring Bike offers a 9-speed hub system. Both are pricey, but well designed and could catch on.

From Charity to Foresight to Business: The Evolution of HP’s CSR

From the beginning of its existence, Hewlett Packard (HP) has been ahead of its peers in giving back to the community, showing concern for work/life balance, and acting to preserve the environment — long before it was trendy to do so. Currently, it is the largest technology company in the world, shipping 3.5 products per second. … Continued

Aviation Industry Sets its Sights on Biofuel as the Next Jetsetter

by Jennifer Chin Most of us don’t think twice about air travel. We hop on flights that take us to the next state, across the country, and around the world because our jobs and vacation plans demand it. The FAA estimates that air passengers traveled 771,100,000,000 miles last year alone. But all this air travel … Continued