Quest for a good Environmental Sustainability Scorecard -Part 6

by Dr Aruna Ram

In the quest for a good Environmental Scorecard, my previous articles in the series outlined some of the primary issues in currently existing Environmental Performance Rating schemes; introduced the Seven Zeroes of Green Management for better environmental direction; and finally introduced a new scheme, Corporate Environmental Performance Rating or the CEPR methodology, which was developed to bridge the gaps in currently existing schemes.

In this final article, a snapshot look of how the CEPR differs from the 2 most  popular schemes has been tabulated as follows, reasoning why it could be a better methodology than them:

Potential applications of CEPR are not limited to measuring/rating Environmental Load  for/between companies, informing public of how green companies are across industries, Environmental  Supplier Screening, comprehensive , clear  and standardized methodology,  clearly defined Criteria, data/units for better reporting, reports acting as a mode for sharing best practices and informing Investors and insurance companies of risks/liabilities. For more information on CEPR, kindly view this site for a quick demo or detailed open review and comments for CEPR to strive towards a better environmental sustainability scorecard.

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