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Here’s a fantastic video from one of our members, The Bioengineering Group. It’s time: to restore our earth, to build responsibly, to change our ways. Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

#1 Problem Facing Social Entrepreneurs? Lack of Capital. What to do?

Recently, in conversation with Kevin Danaher, whose non-profit Global Exchange is the co-producer of the Green Festival, I asked him what he’s learned in several years running the Green Festivals. It’s clear that the events keep growing, that more and more people are looking to get into their dream of becoming a Green Business Owner, … Continued

Brazil’s Revised Forest Code Threatens Country’s Emission Policies

By Antonio Pasolini Brazil, a major player at COP16, faces a challenge back home as alterations in its Forest Code could compromise its emissions reduction target. Last year the Latin American country came out of the COP15 in Copenhagen as an example of commitment to carbon reduction, writing into law its target of reducing by … Continued

2Degrees: The Social Network for Business that Changes Everything

In business, surely the name of the game is to compete: produce the highest quality good for the lowest cost, protect your trade secrets from competitors and screw them over where possible. But what if it isn’t? Not any more, anyway? That’s what suggests to its members: the chance to cooperate to solve problems … Continued

Communicating Sustainability with Transparency

By Nathan Schock In order to have a credible, sustainable brand, companies must have operational integrity and their communications have to strike the right balance between visibility and transparency. That was the message from Jennifer Rice of Fruitful Strategy on day one of the five-day Sustainable Life Media Seminar here at the 3M Innovation Center in St. … Continued

How Sustainability Is Embedded in Sambazon

When brothers Jeremy and Ryan Black created the company Sambazon in 2000 they hit the proverbial mother lode. Sambazon makes juices, sorbet and smoothie packs from acai, berries that grow in Brazil’s Amazon forests. Although the company does not disclose sales, in 2008 they were estimated at $25 million. Sambazon’s products are “sold in virtually … Continued

On the Ground at Autodesk University

Autodesk University 2010 is underway. Here’s a chance to receive a free Premier Pass to attend the event online.

Clearing the Air at Cancun Climate Summit

As COP-16 begins in Cancun, Mexico, world leaders need to understand that global warming isn’t only about carbon dioxide. In a world that is stepping close to a steep and dangerous precipice, doing more to reduce non-CO2 climate change contributors such as methane, black carbon soot, tropospheric ozone, and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) might help head global … Continued

Video Interview: Internal Stakeholder Engagement at Siemens

Today’s large corporations have the size and power to literally move mountains.  But with hundreds of thousands of employees spread over dozens of countries and business units, agreeing on where that mountain should be moved to is a monumental challenge. In this interview, Alison Taylor, the VP of Sustainability – Americas at Siemens, discusses the … Continued

Clean Dev Mechanism Reauthorizes HFC-23 Credits. Is There A Market?

We have reported several times on the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)’s HFC-23 crisis, and now the CDM Executive Board has decided, essentially, that the crisis was a false alarm. Back in June, CDM Watch, a monitoring group, alleged that up to one-third of all the carbon emission reduction credits issued by the CDM may … Continued

A Bottom-Up Approach to Fight Climate Change: Inaugural World Climate Summit

The UN sanctioned COP16 is just around the corner in Cancun, Mexico.  Will this year’s COP16 give us bona-fide treaty signed by governments across the planet?  Will it be another impasse as in past years?  Or perhaps something a little different?  There is a slightly different twist running parallel to treaty negotiations by governments.  This … Continued

Stern Warning: US Could Be Faced With Global Boycott Because of Carbon

Last Friday, Lord Nicholas Stern, the author of the British government’s 2006 report on climate change economics, warned that many countries might boycott US goods if they were deemed to be responsible for too much carbon emissions. This is clearly an opening shot across the bow of the newly elected and clearly climate disinterested US government, in advance of the forthcoming UN climate summit that will be starting today in Cancun. This year’s UN conference will provide an opportunity for industrialized countries to discuss future commitments under the Kyoto protocol.

Virgin America Shows TED Videos, Your Airline Should Too

It’s a cliche to bemoan the general decline of airline service and amenities so I’m doing something radically different this weekend – praising a great (if small) concept that all airlines could easily copy. Virgin America, the fashionable and hip new airline out of San Francisco is showing a selection of TED videos on their … Continued

A New Spin on Buy Nothing Day (aka Black Friday)

We’re pleased to announce that 3p’s own Jonathan Mariano has a brand new business launching today that is one part social experiment, one part start-up: your own opportunity to actually buy Nothing (with a capital N), come Black Friday. Enter Shop Says Jonathan, “After sitting in on the 2010 Net Impact Walmart quick pitch competition, … Continued