LA Green Technology Leaders Convene at “Building Sustainable Cities Through Green Innovation”

By Amanda Crater

Home to the many of the nation’s largest cleantech projects, California is a hotbed of “greenovation.” More money is being invested in alternative energy start-ups in California than anywhere else in the world. In fact, the Los Angeles Times reported last month that more than 40 percent of all clean-tech venture capital funding worldwide went to firms in California.

One reason the clean tech industry in California continues to attract funding and create jobs is because it is a multidisciplinary endeavor supported by more than one sector. In Los Angeles, encouraging clean technology calls for collaboration among the public, private and research sectors — all of whom will be represented at an exclusive event at USC November 16 designed to foster green innovation and entrepreneurship.
Featuring a keynote from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the focus of “Building Sustainable Cities Through Green Innovation?” will be technologies that can help build sustainable cities. The USC Energy Institute, OnGreen and CleanTech LA are hosting the event to raise awareness of green innovation and discuss green technology research and development opportunities in Los Angeles.

Referred to by VentureBeat as the “LinkedIn of cleantech investing,” OnGreen is a professional networking and collaboration website that connects clean tech entrepreneurs with potential investors. The site announced November 9th that it raised $1.4 million in funding. CleanTechLA is a partnership of leading institutions to help grow LA’s economy through clean tech investment and research. USC Energy Institute leads USC’s efforts to develop clean and renewable energy.

The Sustainable Cities event will showcase five innovative technology start-ups from OnGreen’s community. OnGreen founder Nikhil R. Jain will also debut the site’s new Patent Exchange, where universities and companies can find buyers and partners for their intellectual property. The convergence of leaders from the academic, venture capitalist and cleantech startup sectors at this event demonstrates Los Angeles’ global leadership in supporting green technologies. Taking place at the Moreton Fig Restaurant and Lounge in USC’s new LEED-certified building, the event comes on the heels of California voters strongly rejecting Proposition 23.

The controversial measure would have suspended renewable energy requirements until the state’s unemployment rate drops to 5.5% for at least a year. While the rest of the country ushered out advocates of climate-change legislation from Congress November 2, California voters showed the world that we see the connection between green business and the bottom line.

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  1. Thanks, the LA Times has done a great job analyzing and covering the clean tech economy – the articles I read researching for this were really interesting.

    Re; Prop 23, I’m glad CA rejected it as well, and by a large margin (59%). Here’s another interesting tidbit from the article “Clean-tech Industry Loses Several Advocates in Congress”:

    “And more people cast votes on Proposition 23 — which would have suspended the state’s climate change legislation — than on the governor’s race or any other ballot issue.”

  2. I think that is wonderful! It is great to see companies and universities working together to raise awareness.

    What other companies are going to be attending the event?

  3. I recently heard a stat that Vinod Khosla has created 6 jobs every day since he has been in the country from India in 1976. Amazing. He has become a huge proponent of the green job movement too.

    Is Ongreen working with guys like Vinod Khosla and other such venture capitalist firms to collaborate and bringgreen tech closer to communities?

  4. This event sounds great. I bet these invitations really increased in value towards the end of the networking event.

    Does anyone know of any similar events put on like this one in the L.A. area?

    There definitely should be more of these.

  5. @John, I would say from what I witnessed at the event last night, yes, absolutely. OnGreen is all about connecting the ideas and innovations with the investors and entrepreneurs to bring the technologies to market and improve communities and build sustainable cities. Stay tuned for my follow-up piece on the event for more details about OnGreen and this mission.

    Thought you would like this story about Vinod Khosla I saw today via Vator TV:


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