Food Safety Bill: What Will it Mean for Sustainability and For Our Health?

In the coming week, the Senate will be voting on S.510, the so-called Food Safety Modernization Act, a bill that will provide sweeping new powers to the FDA to regulate farmers. In the wake of the recent egg recall, as well as previous problems with spinach, tomatoes, peppers and peanuts, it makes sense to put tighter controls in place. But while most of these outbreaks have originated at large scale farming operations, the FDA has in the past, shown a penchant for scrutinizing small farmers to the point of harassment, while leaving the big boys pretty much on their own.

Black Friday: Consumers Will Buy Less, Give More

Here’s a bit of cheer for 3p readers who duck their heads under their pillows on Black Friday: America’s conscious consumers will be shifting their focus to local, homemade, organic, and donations to good causes as top gift choices over the usual electronic crap this holiday season. The news comes from brand innovation firm BBMG. … Continued

The Limits of Ethical Consumption

Anne McCaig, CEO of Cafedirect, said in an interview by the Guardian that ethical consumption has its limits. “At the end of the day, ethical consumption can only drive so much,” McCaig said. “Businesses are good at picking the low-hanging fruit, like energy efficiency: anything that cuts costs. But the Government has to put the … Continued

Can High Agricultural Prices Benefit Developing Countries?

Sounds backwards, right? Why would higher agricultural prices be a good thing for people struggling to buy food, especially in this tough economic environment? Dani Rodrick (citing Johan Swinnen) says, “High food prices benefit poor farmers who are net sellers, and hurt poor food consumers in urban areas. Low food prices have the opposite effects. In … Continued

Energy Forward Shows How to Turn Black Friday Green

It used to be that Energy Star was the de facto standard for knowing that a product was energy efficient. That was, until an undercover investigation involving the formation of fake companies with blatantly non efficiently products such as a gasoline powered alarm clock passed muster. It’s a credibility gap that needs to be filled, … Continued

New UK Plastics Facility to Handle 50 Percent of Recyclables

Sometimes, you really can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. In August 2009, the AWS Eco Plastics facility in Lincolnshire, UK burned to the ground. But management saw opportunity amid the ashes and created a new £13 million ($20.5 million US) plant that will work better with the low-carbon economy being created … Continued

Video Interview: Sharon Nunes of IBM’s Smart City Strategy and Solutions

Managing our planet’s limited resources is vital for realizing a sustainable future.  Many large scale human systems that interact with our planet need major improvements and measurement is the first step towards improvement.  This interview with Sharon Nunes of IBM, profiles IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative.  Nunes is the VP of IBM’s Smart City Strategy and … Continued

Chicago Climate Exchange to Cease Operations

The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), the U.S.’s only emissions credit exchange, will close shop by year’s end, citing a lack of legislative interest. While voluntary, the exchange was legally binding, and counted among its members Dupont, Motorola and IBM. The exchange suffered a blow when it became clear no meaningful climate legislation would make it … Continued

ForestEthics Issues Scathing Review of SFI Practices

ForestEthics has never minded punching above its weight. The forest advocacy group is taking on the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), and it shouldn’t be a fair fight. After all, the SFI is the world’s largest forest certification standard, having certified more than 181 million acres of land. The group promises that it’s concerned with the … Continued

This Black Friday: Think Sustainable Art

By Elizabeth Dolge Like it or not, this time of year we are being bombarded by commercials encouraging us to engage in holiday cheer by buying gifts for our friends and loved ones. It all starts with Black Friday.  Better hope that turkey tryptophan wears off in time to so you can be one of … Continued

Buy Green on Black Friday

After enjoying your turkey and stuffing, do you read through the copious number of ads and sales flyers and plan your shopping route for Black Friday? Determine who’s open earliest and what deals run when? I know many people who go every year and wouldn’t miss it. The thrill of being among the first to get a … Continued

Walmart’s Progress on Sustainable Seafood Efforts

Five years ago, Walmart declared they would take on ambitious sustainability objectives: creating zero waste, being supplied by 100% renewable energy, and selling products that sustain people and the environment.  However, only four out of their 39 public sustainability goals deal directly with food.   Beth Keck, Senior Director of Sustainability at Walmart, admits in a … Continued

Get a $25 Credit from Amex this Small Business Saturday

American Express is sponsoring the first ever Small Business Saturday on this coming Saturday, November 27. For every Facebook user who clicks “like” on Small Business Saturday’s page, American Express will pledge $1 to Girls Inc., a non-profit organization that works to empower young girls to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. American Express cardholders who … Continued

Losing Our Connection to Nature: Is Sustainability at Risk?

Sustainability is often defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The focus of this article is on those “future generations” and how they might feel about nature when they grow up. Will the children who inherit the Earth, and the … Continued

How Flexible Workspaces Can Transform Your Company’s Culture

By: Leilani C. Latimer, Sabre Holdings The concept of a flexible workspace or “hoteling” has been around for some time, but since companies have placed a heightened focus on the environmental impact of their internal operations, and in particular their real-estate footprint, they have been grappling with implementing this kind of workspace strategy. At Sabre we began … Continued