Raphael Bemporad of BBMG Driving Social Change With Co-Creativity

Co-Creativity by Sarah A. Maine

On the last day of the 2010 Net Impact conference I was lucky enough to log a few minutes of time talking to Raphael Bemporad, a founding member of BBMG, a brand innovation studio focused on helping sustainable businesses navigate the intersection of branding, sustainability and technology.  By now we all know that corporations and organizations have entered a new realm of marketing in which creating an authentic brand requires an unprecedented amount of transparency.  Also necessary are trust and confidence, specifically the confidence to relinquish control and allow conscious consumers to co-create the strength and value of their brands.

BBMG specializes in facilitating this interaction by helping brands deliver what they call a Triple Value Proposition, a methodology which communicates the practical, social and environmental benefits of a brand through a consistent message, image and experience.  In addition to the Triple Value Proposition, BBMG aims to use Co-Creativity to initiate a real-time dialogue maximizing mutuality, shared purpose, cross-pollination, innovation and shared value.  To put their theory of Co-Creativity into practice, BBMG launched the Collective in March of 2010, a private online community that aims to connect values-minded consumers with values-minded brands, allowing ideas to flow between them, cultivating deeper relationships between the multiple stakeholders.  Participants of the Collective are able to explore new products and services and to collaborate behind the scenes on brand development.  BBMG hopes that the Collective will be a place where word of mouth can help sustainability-minded companies drive real social change.  Learn more at jointhecollective.net.

Sarah A. Maine is a graduate of Antioch University New England’s Green MBA program and Co-Founder of RecipeRelay.com.

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