Video Interview: Zack Luby of Good Stuff on Creating a Sustainable Online Presence

by Sarah A. Maine

Good Stuff CommunicationsIf you own a business, a strong social media presence is a must have, right? Well, not necessarily according to Zack Luby, Digital Media Consultant and Founder of Good Stuff Communications. It really depends on the needs and capacity of your business. “Everyone else is doing it” is not a good enough reason to rush into the social mediaverse without assessing your business’ needs and formulating a plan to address them. Additionally, although the rules are not written in stone, there are “right” ways and “wrong” ways for businesses to engage their customers through social media and digital marketing. Old fashioned shotgun-blast advertising doesn’t work very well with a new generation of consumers who are expecting to have an authentic conversation with the entities who produce their favorite brands of products and services. For small businesses, making and managing the time to develop and sustain an online presence can be overwhelming. This is where Good Stuff comes in.

Good Stuff Communications focuses on helping small businesses, especially ones that are new to online marketing, integrate social media and digital marketing strategies into their operations, and help them forge lasting connections with their customers and their communities. Good Stuff Communications believes that the best relationships are built slowly on a solid foundation of meaningful connections. Basically, start small and take your time. When developing an online presence, first and foremost companies need to listen to what is being said about them in the social media space, a relatively easy task that can be accomplished with free tools such as Google Alert and Twitter Search. This initial awareness can be the building block of a plan which can be as simple as listening to what your customers are saying, then engaging them by letting them know what your company is working on, how you are addressing challenges and working to realize your business goals.  Check out the interview to hear more details from Zack on how small businesses can create a sustainable online presence.

Sarah A. Maine is a graduate of Antioch University New England’s Green MBA program and Co-Founder of

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