Vuvuzela Design Competition “Makes a Difference Not Just Noise”

By: Kara DiCamillo Made famous by the 2010 World Cup, the Vuvuzela (those loud, plastic horns that drown out every sound) are now known worldwide. At one point, they reportedly were selling at rates of 20,000 a day during the international sporting event, but what happened to all of them once the World Cup ended?

While they’re being recycled at soccer games in South Africa, a design competition called WoZela aims to recycle them all over the world Based on the tagline, “make a difference not just noise,” the competition encouraged people from all over the world to think creatively about what to do with this raw material.

The entries were judged by a panel of seven local designers and artisans, and Cape Town’s Megan Bernstein’s colorful earrings (above) were the favorite of five of the seven judges. Made from cross-sections of the horn, Bernstein’s entry will be among the Top 50 ideas exhibited nationally in South Africa.

Ironically, the two gentlemen that organized WoZela!, Matt Blitz and Shaun McCormack, hated Vuvuzelas before the World Cup. But once the games started they fell in love with them and began to think of ways to extend the instrument’s life and to hopefully keep them from landfills. They state on their blog that the Vuvuzela has “become an extraordinary symbol of unity in South Africa and Wozela wants to make this object of unity an object of utility by generating ways to reuse it.”

From chairs, to irrigation systems, to flower pots, creative ideas were submitted that all stood behind the powerful tagline. And while only one winner was chosen, the organizers have noted on their blog that they envision local artisans recreating all the designs where they will eventually be sold to benefit the community.

You can find a slideshow of entries on Yahoo! and visit the WoZela site for more reuse ideas for Vuvuzelas.

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