Top 10 Cause Marketing Campaigns of 2010?

2010 was a big year for cause marketing. More and more campaigns are springing up with new ideas for engaging participants and facilitating change. Which campaigns piqued your interest this past year? Ad Age compiled a list of their top ten favorites. Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) Advocates have done a fantastic job of pushing … Continued

Sustainability Resolutions Overwhelming?

If you’re the kind of person, like me, who has firmly committed to allowing Google to replace your creative brain, you’re likely looking for cool New Year’s Resolutions the same way you looked about 2 months ago for a new twist on a Halloween costume. You’ll definitely find information: the flurry of articles this time … Continued

Yardsellr Turns Facebook into a Strong eBay Rival

Yardsellr, founded by Danny Leffel, uses the most recent social media tools to take users almost back to the good old days of flea markets and garage sales, where buyers and sellers could banter and talk about what was for sale.

Leonardo da Vinci, Sustainability Sage

Historical Perspective – By Dr. Reese Halter Leonardo da Vinci, born in the middle of the 15th century, was the founder of modern science and an interpreter between nature and humanity. He sought to understand the nature of life two centuries before the microscope was invented. He believed the Earth was a living, self-organizing and … Continued

FareShare: Rescuing Food, Fighting Hunger…Using iPads?

Have you ever wondered where all of the food that is leftover from an event or restaurant goes once it isn’t used? Unfortunately, most of it ends up in the trash, headed for a landfill. In Australia, one in ten people currently rely on help from welfare organizations, which means that every year, 2 million … Continued

Texas Home Alone: Another Court Rejects Challenge to Coming Carbon Standards

By David Doniger, policy director in NRDC’s Climate Center (Originally published on NRDC’s Switchboard Blog) Texas just lost another round in its bizarre and solitary quest to block the first carbon pollution control requirements under the Clean Air Act, which take effect next week.   The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, in New Orleans, rejected the … Continued

Lawsuit Filed Against FIJI Water For Greenwashing

The Newport Trial Group filed a class action lawsuit against the Fiji Water Company in the U.S. District Court in Santa Ana, CA on behalf of Desiree Worthington and other individuals to seek restitution for “the false claims from which [Fiji Water Company has] richly profited.” The lawsuit alleges that the company made money from … Continued

Capitalism 2.0: How Big Money is Shifting Corporate Culture Toward Sustainability

By Greg Wendt In November 2010, I moderated a panel discussion at The Global Summit conference in San Francisco. The two panelists were leading thinkers in the sustainability: Andy Behar – CEO of As You Sow Foundation, who’s mission is to “promote corporate responsibility through shareholder advocacy, grantmaking, and innovative legal strategies” and John Perkins. As Chief … Continued

Wind Gets Knocked Out of the Pickens Plan

So much for the Pickens Plan. T. Boone Pickens claimes that with the low cost of natural gas in the United States, utilities just will not accept energy generated from wind because of the cost differential. To that end, he is now rallying his 1.7 million Pickens Plans supporters and Congress to pass a new energy plan–without wind a part of it.

Is Your Business Ready for $5 Gas?

Word on the street is that, come 2012, $5 may be a commonplace price for a gallon of gasoline in the United States. Specifically, John Hofmeister, the former president of Shell Oil, made the claim in a widely circulated interview yesterday. The primary reason, he argues, is simply the enormous growth in demand (from China … Continued

The Green Brewhaha: Sustainability at Alaskan Brewing Co.

Alaskan Brewing co: Rural Alaska isn’t exactly where you’d expect to find a test market for new technology, but brewing in Alaska’s remote location creates new challenges which can make sustainable practices become more cost effective, compared to living somewhere else.

Parent Company of KFC and Taco Bell Releases CSR Report

Yum! Brands Inc., the parent company of well known brands like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC, released its CSR report this week. The report detailed sustainability measures taken in the company’s 38,000 restaurants around the world, including reducing packaging & energy consumption, and green building design. Packaging The U.S. brands use napkins from 100 … Continued

Trendspotting: 2011’s Big Sustainability Issues

Reprinted with permission from the Guardian Sustainable Business By: James Goodman and Martin Wright of Greenfutures Transparency: no place to hide There will be nowhere to hide, as the open society finally arrives. Wikileaks is just the start. When anyone can tweet and be tweeted, keeping the lid on is no longer an option. 2011 … Continued

The Green Brewhaha: Sustainability at Bison Brewing

Bison Brewing: the biggest lifecycle impact of craft beer is the bottle. As consumers, we all could do better at glass recycling, which is poor nationally. We are getting better, but could to a lot further.

Let’s Talk Smart Growth

Hailing from a religiously and ethnically homogeneous suburb in the south, I’ve always viewed the relative lack of diversity in my upbringing as a handicap in the realm of design and innovation.