Xerox Achieves 31% Reduction in C02 Emissions

Xerox achieved a 31 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, and a 26 percent reduction in water use in the last eight years, according to its recently released CSR report. The company that is synonymous with photocopying increased recycling to 93 percent (over 2008 figures), keeping an extra 100 million pounds of waste from landfills.

Xerox increased the amount of its products that earned the Energy Star label by 12 percent, and met the goal it set last year to have 92 percent of its new product launches meet the July 2009 Energy Star requirements. The company’s greenhouse (GHG) emissions decreased by 31 percent from 2002 to 2009 due to increased energy efficiency, new technologies, and better energy management practices.

In a letter, Xerox CEO Ursula Burns said:

“We are a much bigger company today. We offer a much broader portfolio of services and technology. We have significantly expanded our global reach. But certain things remain the same. We believe we are part of an ongoing experiment to prove that good citizenship and good results are not only compatible but synergistic – in good times and in challenging times.”

Burns mentions five themes central to Xerox’s sustainability efforts:

  1. Conducting our business with integrity and transparency builds credibility and attracts investors.
  2. Aligning our resources around customer need provides the revenue stream that enables investment in innovation and future growth.
  3. Nurturing a greener world through sustainable innovation and development saves money, creates value and helps develop new markets.
  4. Creating a great workplace for our people strengthens our competitiveness.
  5. Leveraging our resources to make our world better improves the quality of life for our people and the economic climate for our customers.

Xerox launched its Green World Alliance program in 1999. “During the past 12 years, our collaboration with customers has kept more than 143 million pounds of cartridges, bottles, and waste toner out of landfills,” said Patricia Calkins, Vice President, Sustainability, Environment, Health & Safety.

“As we continue to make it easier for customers to participate in our remanufacturing, reuse and recycling efforts, we get closer and closer to our ultimate goal of zero waste.”

Xerox partners with Close the Loop, one of the largest recyclers of imaging supplies, which collects customers’ returns and manages the recycling of them for Xerox. Xerox has a similar program in Europe called Eco Box.

Gina-Marie Cheeseman

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