Responsible Business Policy vs. Performance: How to Close the Gap

Triple Pundit has teamed up with Ethical Corporation to promote the 10th annual Responsible Business Summit in London coming up in May. The conference historically brings together over 400 attendees, 65 percent of whom are representatives of multinational corporations. The rest of the audience is made up of NGOs, industry associations, Government representatives, consultancies and … Continued

Obsessed with Impact: The Mulago Foundation

The Mulago Foundation approaches funding social enterprise a bit differently than other foundations.  To sum it up in three words, it’s all about impact, impact, and impact.There are tons of great ideas in the world.  But an idea only has impact when put into action.  The Mulago Foundation investment strategy focuses not on formulating its … Continued

Emerging Nations Bet on Sustainable Development

By Simon Zadek Global businesses complain that emerging market companies compete unfairly by ignoring social and environmental standards. The accused in turn point to international media bias and argue that sustainability standards are North Atlantic clubs dominated by incumbent businesses using NGOs to protect profitable markets. At stake is not just the fate of individual … Continued

How VHA is a CSR Leader in the Health Care Industry

3p recently chatted with Terri Scannel, Director of Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability for VHA, a health care cooperative that includes over 1400 non-for-profit hospitals and over 24,000 non-acute health care facilities in 47 states and Washington, DC.

USDA Approves GMO Alfalfa Despite Scientist Warning

Perhaps the wheels of government are too heavy to stop once they are set in motion, or maybe they are just a little too well greased by their friends in industry. Whatever the reason, the folks at USDA were either unwilling or unable to apply the brakes on their decision to approve Monsanto’s genetically modified … Continued

Cleaning up the Coal Mine Industry: Coal Mine Methane

Boyd Cohen, CO2 IMPACT Last week in this column I wrote about a real “clean coal” solution, torrefied wood.  While I truly believe torrefied wood holds significant potential to assist in phasing out coal burning in power plants, coal is here to stay for a while, whether we like it or not. Surely there are … Continued

Green On Green “Violence” in California

A poll last fall by the Gotham Research Group, commissioned by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), found that 75 percent of Americans in various regions, demographics and political parties approve of utility-scale solar plants on public lands. So why are solar thermal developers in California having so much trouble getting projects approved? “It’s green-on-green … Continued

Visualizing Chinese Energy

Apropos of last week’s post on US Energy Research Dollars, we present another WellHome that gives us a look at China’s energy use. As the fastest growing segment of the developing world, China’s current and future energy usage and resulting environmental impact cannot be understated. The infographic below gives an outline of the current state … Continued

Safety and Sustainability: Broaden Your Definition of Risk and Gain Competitive Advantage

(the following is a sponsored post from Sustainable Business Forum) Today most companies claim to care about workplace safety, but that sentiment is not always present in a corporation’s day-to-day operations. After a chain of high-profile accidents that have had both human and environmental costs, some large corporations have been accused of putting profits ahead … Continued

“Side Effects” of Coal Cost US More Than $340 Billion Annually

A report published recently in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences by a group of Harvard scientists led by Paul R. Epstein, entitled “Full cost accounting for the life cycle of coal,” unearths some rather alarming truths about the “externalities” associated with the extraction, transportation, processing and combustion of coal for the … Continued

Who Sustains the Standards for Sustainability Standards?

As sustainability becomes a widespread corporate mantra there are a number of choices available for companies seeking international responsibility codes and standards to guide their reporting and well, to brag about in CSRs. Since 2000 the United Nations Global Compact has been one of the leading such initiatives for businesses “that are aligning their operations … Continued

Big Tree Farms Bolsters Artisanal Balinese Food Producers

Blair and Ben Ripple began Big Tree Farms back in June 2000 on a humble one eighth of an acre, which has expanded to ten acres where now over 80 varieties of crops are sustainably grown all year round in the pristine, mountainous central highlands of Bali.  Picture lush green rolling terraced hills of 30 … Continued

EU Will Allow GMO Contaminated Animal Feed

The European Union (EU) Animal Committee voted this week to permit animal feed contaminated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The vote allows 0.1 percent of imports to contain GMO traits. The head of Brussels-based Food & Water Europe and Washington D.C. based Food & Water Watch denounced it. “This spectacularly shortsighted move comes after years … Continued

PepsiCo Improves Products, Stabilizes Communities and Helps the Environment

PepsiCo was looking for a way to improve the nutritional quality of the snacks it offers. Its solution will improve the economy of a region and the financial means of 850 families, as well as lessen its environmental impact and stabilize operating costs. And, if that isn’t enough, its effects will ripple outward in less tangible … Continued