GatherGreen: GroupOn for Green

As consumers begin to search more and more for shopping deals through popular websites such as Groupon and Rue LaLa, one thing is quite clear – today consumers are all looking for ways to save money. So, consider a website that not only has daily deals from local businesses, but which ensures the businesses are … Continued

Energy Research Dollars Visualized

Something fun for your Friday, originally posted on WellHome: Government spending on alternative energy is quite small compared to the amount of money Americans spend on a variety of non-essential products and services. Consider this juxtaposition. What if even a small portion of our spending on the below were instead invested in our energy future? … Continued

Strategic Philanthropy: Beyond the Checkbook

By The Sequoia Lab Team Save a Tree! Save a Whale! Save your breath.   Today’s consumer is too socially savvy to be impressed by companies who simply write a check to a cause whose mission has no affiliation with their brand’s position or offset to their impact on society. Consumers want companies to make thoughtful … Continued

Webinar March 2: How Social Media is Changing Sustainability

Our friends at 2degrees were kind enough to invite JustMeans co-founder Kevin Long and me to put together a webinar next week (Wednesday, March 2) on the impact of social media and sustainability. It’ll be a pretty open topic event, with plenty of time to interact, once Kevin and I introduce the basics. If you’re … Continued

Video Interview: Applying Sustainability in the Workplace

What does sustainability mean in the business context and how do you apply it in the workplace?  Marsha Willard, the CEO of AXIS, and the co-author of The Business Guide to Sustainability and The Step by Step Guide to Sustainability Planning, shares her experience in working with small to medium sized companies to make sense … Continued

Book Review: Planet Home by Jeffrey Hollender

Recently, I interviewed Jeffrey Hollender, co-founder and former CEO of Seventh Generation about his departure from the company, his new book, and what was next for him. Mr. Hollender is a humble hero of the green economy and a man whose work I’ve admired for years. So it was with great pleasure that I dove … Continued

Heinz Ketchup to Use Coca-Cola’s Plantbottle

At a press conference this morning, the Coca-Cola Company and H.J. Heinz Company announced a strategic partnership that enables Heinz to produce its ketchup bottles using Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle packaging. This shift in packaging will be the biggest change to Heinz’s iconic ketchup bottles since the company first introduced plastic in 1983.  Heinz plans to convert … Continued

Carbon Sciences: What if We Could Turn CO2 Into Gasoline?

Years ago, when I knew a lot less than I do now about sustainability, I found myself thinking that if only there was a way to turn CO2 into something useful, that could be a great money maker that would also go a long way to mitigating our climate change problem. No doubt that’s what … Continued

ecoATM Ramps Up E-Recycling with New Round of Financing

Last week ecoATM received US$14.4 million in a Series A preferred stock offering, led by Coinstar, Inc. and the venture capital firm Claremont Creek Ventures. That same day the company won a National Science Foundation grant, and rounded out its day of success with the securing of its first patent.

GoodGuide Names Levi’s Top Jeans Brand

The GoodGuide has named Levi Strauss & Co (Levi’s) as the Top Jeans Brand.  GoodGuide rates companies on both environmental and society assessments, with Levi’s receiving the highest score overall score of 7.4 out of 10.  What does the score mean, and how does the Levi’s rating relate to the rest of the industry? Levi’s … Continued

Why Some Companies Are Cannibalizing Their Businesses

When Andrew Winston, co-author of Green To Gold, attended the Executive Sustainability Summit, he was struck by the fact that Xerox and Waste Management are “cannibalizing their own businesses.” Both companies are “working with customers to help them use less of their traditional product or service,” Winston says in a blog post about the Summit, … Continued

Huge Maersk Triple-E Ships Get “E” for Effort, and Expense

Maersk Line, the world’s largest container ship operator, is building a fleet of the world’s largest container vessels—a deal that includes 10 firm orders and another 20 on option for a total potential cost of $5.7 billion—to transport freight in the Asia-Europe trade. The Danish company is calling these behemoths—each capable of carrying the equivalent … Continued

Office Depot & New Leaf: Tracing Your Paper’s Origins

Would knowing where your products came from and seeing their journey to your shopping cart help you think more about sustainability? Would illustrating the carbon footprint left by the production and distribution of goods compel you to be more discriminating in how you use your product? New Leaf Paper and Office Depot think so, and they are teaming … Continued

Video Interview: Good-to-Great Communication for Sustainability Change Agents

As a change agent, do you ever feel stifled by people who are unenthusiastic about your sustainability message?  John Marshall Roberts, the CEO of Worldview Thinking and the author of Igniting Inspiration, explains how understanding different worldviews can transform a good communicator to a great communicator. According to Roberts, there are four main worldviews: absolutistic, … Continued