New Analysis on the Carbon Impact of Electric Cars: Still Better than Gas

A new study released this month by Ecometrica, comprehensively extrapolates the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of cars powered by either gasoline, diesel, or electricity. As such,  Ecometrica’s findings allow us to answer the question – does driving an electric vehicle reduce CO2 emissions? Before I reveal the answer to that, here’s a bit of background. … Continued

Drill, Obama, Drill: Administration Advocates for Expanded Domestic Drilling

President Obama gave a speech yesterday, on a plan to cut oil imports.   While at first, it may sound like this is a boon for sustainability, a deeper reading yields a tall tale for renewable energy.  The Obama plan cuts oil imports, but not cut oil. The Obama Administration suggests a reduction in oil imports, … Continued

Bangladesh Government Removes Mohammed Yunus As Grameen Bank Head

Earlier this month the Bangladesh government removed Mohammed Yunus as the head of the microfinance lender, Grameen Bank. Yunus founded Grameen Bank in 1983. Yhe Bangladesh government owns 25 percent of the company. The reason given by the government for Yunus’ removal is that Bangladeshi law company heads have to retire at 60 and he … Continued

Pioneering Sustainable Initiatives in Hospitals; Reform on Our Side?

By Julie Graham We are now well on our way to sweeping changes in American Healthcare.   March 23rd marked the first anniversary of the date President Obama signed the Healthcare Reform Bill into Law.   The healthcare industry will need to respond to proposed changes under ObamaCare, which includes a reduction in Medicare reimbursements to American … Continued

Brownies Take on Girl Scouts USA over Palm Oil in Thin Mints

About two months ago I received a phone call from my 6-year-old niece, asking me if I wanted to buy Girl Scout Cookies. Two words that have become associated with these popular cookies quickly came to mind: palm oil. But how could I resist? Not only would my niece not understand, but I do admit … Continued

Study Calls Polystyrene Environmentally Preferable to Corn Based Plastic

A recently released study compared the life-cycle inventory and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of polystyrene (PS), paperboard, and corn-based (polylactic: PLA) cups, plates and sandwich containers. The study found that PS containers use “significantly less energy and water” since PS weighs less. However, the GHG emissions of PS containers are “slightly more” than PLA products. … Continued

Fast, Cost-Effective Tool to Compile CSR Reports

Gaia Metrics believes it has a solution for CSR report compilation. The Massachusetts-based company released its CSR Quickstart tool, which promises to drastically reduce the time required to build a report while slashing the costs by 90%.

Toxins Impact on Fertility Rise on Agendas

The American Fertility Association (AFA) joins the ranks of numerous organizations that are attributing infertility to environmental toxins in some cases. The AFA publicly announced its commitment to creating a greener world for conception with the release of their Dirty Dozen Factsheet and Infertility Prevention Handbook, both of which feature environmental toxins’ impact on fertility. … Continued

U.S. NGOs that Are Moving the Needle on Climate Change

The past few weeks I have been openly critical of Earth Hour (from WWF) and even because I believe they could do so much more to mobilize the world to really move the lever on climate change.  I personally believe that in order to change our trajectory on this planet, we need to make … Continued

Are NGOs Like and WWF Failing to Move the Needle?

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., CO2 IMPACT A few weeks ago I was pretty critical of the potential impact of events like Earth Hour can actually have on the planet.  In subsequent interviews I referred to Earth Hour as green tokenism. I recently read a Guardian article about Climate Week in the UK.  Climate Week, founded by … Continued

Intelligent Use of Water: Is Australia’s Model the One to Follow?

Naomi Klein, in her book, The Shock Doctrine, makes the point that it is far easier to get big things done in the aftermath of a disaster than before. Not always the best things, they are often opportunistic plays by those in power who have been waiting to push through a pre-existing agenda. But they … Continued

Dawn’s Attempt to Market Sustainability Ruffles Feathers

This post is part of a blogging series by marketing students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here. By Dale Wannen Marketing the sustainability of products has always been a touchy subject.  Greenwashing seems to always be looming around the corner.  This past week amidst numerous natural disasters, Dawn commercials … Continued

Seven Companies Opt Out of Sustainable Forestry Initiative Label

Seven companies, including four from the Fortune 500, committed to not using Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s (SFI) label on paper products or company publications. The seven companies are Aetna, Allstate, Garnet Hill, Office Depot, Performance Bicycles, Symantec, and United Stationers. One clue to why the companies will no longer use the SFI label lies in the … Continued

Crop Mobs Build Communities and Create Access to Healthy Local Food

This post is part of a series on sustainability in the health and wellness industry, curated by Becky Eisen, Dana Ledyard, Izabel Loinaz. Follow along with the series here. Diane Hatz, Co-Founder and Director of the Glynwood Institute for Sustainable Food and Farming, conceptualizes, develops and implements innovative solutions to problems with food and farming.  Diane shared … Continued

Bar-Hopping Inside Whole Foods?

As if Whole Foods didn’t already have a vice grip on wandering shoppers, they have now added an in-store bar feature to some stores. Opening up five test runs in California, Arizona, Illinois, and Texas over the past year and a half, plans for expansion into even Hawaii are on the horizon. The offerings? Local … Continued