Intel Secures LEED Silver, Bets on Algae

Intel is the first semiconductor or industrial technology company to achieve a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for a manufacturing complex. As a result of Intel’s long history of energy conservation, its Ocotillo, Arizona site was awarded the silver LEED certification without any substantial building … Continued

Zipcar Golden IPO’s Dark Lining: a $50 Million Blunder by Underwriters

On April 13th, Zipcar, the well-known, and wildly popular, car-sharing company, was celebrating a key milestone in every start-up’s growth: a very successful initial pubic offering (IPO) of its stock, to the tune of $180 million raised. By the next day, the company’s stock was up to $28 per share, a rise of 60%, over … Continued

Mountain Riders Alliance Brings Sustainability to the Slopes

This post is part of a blogging series by marketing students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here. By Katie Schou The newly formed Mountain Riders Alliance is a grassroots movement committed to changing the way the ski industry conducts business.  Shifting the focus of resort development from profit oriented … Continued

BP Denies Gulf Coast Residents Access to Annual Shareholders Meeting

Just days after BP published their recalcitrant 2010 Sustainability Report, saying how eager they were to win back the public’s trust; they denied access to their annual meeting to five Gulf Coast residents who traveled all the way to London to be there. The shareholders, who represented various fisherman’s associations had been given proxies to … Continued

Should Employees Play for Sustainability?

This post is part of a blogging series by marketing students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here. By Eric Raymond People play games for three billion hours a week.  Do you know what they are doing for the other few billion hours?  Working. These two activities, it turns out, … Continued

Interview: Kate Swann, COO Of Frog Design On The Consumer Life Cycle

OgilvyEarth’s recent study entitled “Mainstream Green: Moving sustainability from niche to normal” found that “82% of Americans have good green intentions but only 16% are dedicated to fulfilling these intentions.” Kate Swann, COO of Frog Design may have the answer on why there is such a disconnect between consumer intentions for going green and their actual … Continued

NYC Finds Solar Energy Gold in Old Landfills

Landfill gas recovery is becoming a familiar fixture in the alternative energy scene, and now New York City has added a new dimension to the idea of extracting valuable resources from seemingly useless parcels of land. The city plans to build utility-scale solar installations on its old landfills, to the tune of about 50 megawatts. … Continued

Video Interview: Running a For-Profit to Fuel a Non-Profit

Instead of spending time fundraising, which is especially difficult during a recovering economy, many non-profits are running for-profit arms to generate revenue, and to spare more time to serve the mission.  Greg Woodburn, the founder of Give Running is starting a for-profit arm of running camps to do just that.  In high school, Woodburn experienced … Continued

Certainty About Uncertainties: What the Tragedy in Japan Reveals

Ed Note: The following is a non-sponsored guest post from Kevin Moss of BT Global Services. Part of the mission of 3p is to bring companies large and small into the greater conversation about sustainability. This post is part of that mission. By Kevin Moss, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility – Americas, BT Global Services The recent … Continued

NYC Gives Homeowners Free Rain Barrels

New York City’s Department of Environment Protection (DEP) is giving away 55-gallon rain barrels to homeowners – 1,000 barrels this year. The program began in spring 2008 when the DEP distributed 250 barrels to homeowners in Queens. In 2009, 750 barrels were distributed to homeowners. The program was initiated by the Jamaica Bay Watershed Protection … Continued

A Look at BP’s 2010 Sustainability Report

BP just released their 2010 Sustainability Report.  The 50-page glossy presentation is filled with sincerity, regret and promises to do better. It is clear that the company is eager to win back the public’s trust. According to the Chairman, Bob Dudley, We are determined that BP will be a safer, more risk-aware business. We will … Continued

Next on Green Tech Investors’ Radar: Food

Ari Partovi envisions a future where superstore employees grow food in greenhouses on roofs, cattle move from feedlots to carbon sequestration grass pastures, and farmers gingerly adjust the soil chemistry within the land in which their crops grow via a smartphone.

Company Bonuses Determined By Green Actions

As companies race to catch-up to greenhouse gas emissions reporting and reductions, technologies to ease the process are flourishing. CloudApps has developed a desktop engagement tool that connects corporate goals and policies with everyday employee actions. Sustainable Momentum or SuMo, is a sustainability dashboard the measures employee sustainability actions, and compares that information by department, … Continued

The Built Environment: Inflection and Reflection in the Shadow of Earth Day

Earth Day is over for this year, but what is arguably more important than the day itself is the day after – and the day after that (and the day after that…). Earth Day serves as the rallying cry calling for the sustained action that drives progressive environmental trends. I spoke last week with Emma Stewart, … Continued