Intel Generated 27% More Chemical Waste in 2010 than 2009

Last week Intel released its tenth annual CSR report, 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report. While earlier this year we reported on Intel’s large purchase of renewable energy credits and innovative algae biofuel project, the five-year numbers in the report show ups and downs in several areas. 2009 was a tough year all over and business at … Continued

ExxonMobil Beats Its Own (Oil) Drum in Latest CSR Report

Critics of ExxonMobil will not be satisfied with anything that one of the world’s largest energy companies says or does, so the report focuses what they company has achieved versus what it said it has done in the past.

GE’s New Power Technology Combines Conventional Efficiency with Renewables

Today, GE unveiled their new combined cycle FlexEfficiency 50 power plant, a dramatic new power generation technology that is intended to create a bridge to the future. This technology will use natural gas to form a smooth transition from today’s coal plants to tomorrow’s renewables while allowing for the continuous uptake of a growing number … Continued

Marketing Green and the Rise of Greenwashing

There are reports of greenwashing in the news pretty much constantly. However when TIME reports that “nearly all products’ eco-friendly claims are bogus or misleading” you begin to take notice, worry or both. A study by Terrachoice last year suggested an increase of 73% in the number of items with eco-credentials that are sold by … Continued

Walmart Grant Gives U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce a Green Business Initiative for its Members

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) received a grant from Walmart to conduct a city-by-city initiative tailored to Hispanic entrepreneurs and helping them “go green”. TriplePundit contributor Bill Roth, author of The Green Secret Sauce, will spearhead the campaign, developing one day workshops and coaching programs for Hispanic entrepreneurs. The goal of the … Continued

Thoughtful Bread Company is England’s First “Sustainable” Bakery

The Thoughtful Bread Company, an “eco-bakery” located in South West England, has an old-school way of doing things. The business has very strong environmentally friendly initiatives and, according to one of its owners, Duncan Glendinning, the Company is England’s first fully sustainable bakery. He says it is part of a generation of ethical businesses that … Continued

ExxonMobil Shareholders Ask for Disclosure on Tar Sands Investments

Green Century Capital Management filed a shareholder resolution with ExxonMobil to disclose information about its investments in Canadian oil sands (commonly called tar sands). Canada’s tar sands are the second largest oil resource in the world, with over 173 billion barrels in reserve. By the end of last year, ExxonMobil’s “total proved reserves in the … Continued

What the Folks at the Bottom of the Pyramid Can Teach Us

There was an article in Harvard Business Review last week by Deepa Prahalad entitled “Design Lessons from the Consumer at the Bottom of the Pyramid.” Deepa is the son of C.K. Prahalad, who, along with Stu Hart and Clayton Christiansen, popularized the notion of the base of the pyramid, meaning the economic stratum containing the … Continued

Lowe’s Sets the Bar High with CSR Commitments and Solar Deal

Lowe’s has continued to work on quality of life issues that have been part of the company’s philosophy for over sixty years. Its 2010 corporate social responsibility (CSR) report zeros in on three high-level focal points: workplace, community, and the environment.

Are Girl Scout Cookies Biodiversity Killers and Censorship Monsters?

With $700 million annual revenue from cookie sales, Girls Scouts has recently come under fire for not only failing to adequately address, but for unethically censoring critiques of the company regarding its palm oil use. The organization has claimed to have done its part by joining the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), but critics … Continued

Mandatory CSR in India: Not the Way Forward

The latest in the long debate about mandatory CSR in India comes from the Corporate Affairs Minister Murli Deora. He, along with leading industrialist Ratan Tata,  recently voiced that they would like to make a 2% spend mandatory on CSR activities. Just in March this year, it was announced that CSR will not be mandatory due to … Continued

The Hypocrisy of Occidental Petroleum

Occidental Petroleum Corporation released its 2010 CSR report, “Growth with Responsibility.” The CSR report states, “We are committed to safeguarding the environment, protecting the safety and health of employees and neighboring communities and upholding high standards of social responsibility in all of the company’s worldwide operations.” That sounds so good. There is a problem with … Continued

Net-Zero in Vermont: Putney School a Model for Sustainability

In the unassuming rural community of Putney, Vermont, students and faculty at the Putney School are proud of their new field house. Not only does the new building expand the opportunities for the students at the private high school, it’s also the only net-zero school building in the country, and one of only a handful … Continued