Doubling Down on the Single Bottom Line

By Ryan Cabinte Daniel Altman and Jonathan Berman’s recent paper, The Single Bottom Line, caused a stir in sustainability circles last week, partially fueled by coverage in the New York Times. The paper argues that focusing on profit—the single bottom line—is a more efficient and sustainable way to promote social benefit than emerging frameworks like … Continued

How Shareholders are Battling Excessive Executive Compensation

Shareholders for the past year have been able to engage in the conversation of executive pay through a resolution placed on proxy statements of all companies due to the recently implemented Dodd-Frank bill. Allowing owners of publicly traded companies to vote on such an important matter would seem to shift things in a positive direction. Right? Wrong.

Sherwin-Williams Spreads Sustainability Farther With New “Green” Paint

Sherwin-Williams Company recently received an EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for a new paint formulation that uses both soybean oil and recycled plastic bottles. Since introducing the new formula last year, Sherwin-Williams says it has used 320,000 pounds of soybean oil, 250,000 pounds of PET, and eliminated 1,000 barrels of oil. It also eliminated 800,000 pounds of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.

Using Stakeholder Engagement to Boost Fisheries in Scotland

This post is part of a series on Stakeholder Engagement sponsored by Jurat Software. The fate of the world’s oceans is a serious concern not just for environmentalists but also for the fishing industry. World over, fishing stocks are declining at alarming rates. Many countries that depend on fishing for their economy are suffering. Scotland … Continued

Farmstays Become Summer Vacation of Choice for the Eco-Minded

Many folks itching for an alternative vacation this summer are considering staying on a farm. Farm Stay U.S., the best resource for the curious first-time farm vacationer, was founded by Scottie and Greg Jones of Leaping Lamb Farm with the idea that, “We believe the majority of Americans are hugely disconnected from their food and … Continued

Old Office Equipment Finds New Uses in London

London businesses hoping to fit their offices with new equipment need look no further than Ourgreendistrict for their needs. Ourgreendistrict was the brainchild of local law firm Olswang LLP, developed in partnership with inmidtown. Their aim was to foster closer ties and create a platform where local business communities could become greener and save money. Ourgreendistrict … Continued

Interview: Angel Investor’s Five Best Practices For Attracting Capital

The key to raising money is building investor trust. There is a formula for doing so. The entrepreneurs that succeed in raising capital for their business know the formula for crafting a compelling story that earns the trust and investment of angel investors. James Magowan is an angel investor I met at an Investors Circle … Continued

How Gap Became the Poster Boy for Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

Many companies still consider stakeholder engagement a good idea they’ll consider sometime in the future when they’ll have the time and resources. But for Gap Inc. it became clear about a decade ago, after being targeted several times due to labor violation accusations, that not only they have to start interacting with stakeholders, but they also have to do it right.

Ford’s Safety Technology Tells a Sustainability Story

Reporting from Dearborn, MI, I was pleasantly surprised by Ford’s “safety technology” demonstration – a ride in a kitted out Ford Explorer to demonstrate various ways new cars will avoid collisions.  After the demonstration, which turned out to be fascinating, it struck me that public safety is an obvious aspect of sustainability – not to … Continued

The Guardian Announces 2011 Sustainability Report

The Guardian and the newspaper’s parent GNM will soon release its 2011 sustainability (or CSR) report, the findings of which were released in several articles on its Living Our Values portal.

Plastic Bags Take Another Hit with Puma

Puma has dealt the latest blow to chemical industry lobbyists fighting to keep the plastic bag alive. The company recently announced that it has started using bags for shoppers that are fully compostable. For a fun party trick, you can also submerge them in water and watch them disappear in seconds. I live in Hawaii, the … Continued

Silk Soymilk Makes a Move Towards GMO Labeling

Two years ago, Dean Foods, owner of Silk Soymilk, was heavily criticized  for switching from organic to conventional soy beans without clearly labeling the change with different packaging.  For many years, Silk soymilk was certified organic. In 2009, they introduced a “natural” line where the soymilk was made from conventionally grown soybeans (where pesticides are used along with GMOs), but the packaging … Continued

Green Mountain College: A Little More to the Story

In May, my TriplePundit colleague Tina Casey wrote a good piece on Green Mountain College’s success in achieving carbon neutrality. I enjoyed Tina’s work a great deal, but wanted to expand a bit on the story. Forgive a soon-to-be alum for bragging and please allow me to indulge in the celebration of my alma mater’s … Continued