Behind Bars, Prepping for Life…as an Entrepreneur?

The State of Oregon Department of Corrections, partnering with several other sponsors, has promoted a different paradigm for inmates in its Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. MercyCorps of the Northwest (MCNW) is spearheading an effort there to teach self-employment and microenterprise development skills to women in prison who are up for parole within 18-24 months. LIFE … Continued

Global Ranking of Top 10 Resilient Cities

By Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., CO2 IMPACT and Co-Author, Climate Capitalism Resilient cities, those that are working to transition towards a low-carbon economy while also preparing to avert the worst of climate change, are gaining interest and attention from policy makers, city councils and others worldwide. In fact, today, leaders from the public and private sector, … Continued

Chipotle Moves Toward Local Sourcing

The restaurant had a goal of using approximately 5 million pounds of local produce like bell peppers, oregano and romaine lettuce, and eventually plans to source more than 10 million pounds of local produce for its 1,100 locations.

How Games Can Effectively Engage Key Stakeholders

For businesses that have embraced websites, chatrooms, Facebook, Twitter, and other digital platforms, video games are the next logical step in customer engagement. They also provide a powerful tool for businesses that are seeking to go beyond their customer base, and engage community stakeholders in economic development and social change.

GE Ad Calls Natural Gas Hot Stuff

A full-page ad in The Washington Post states in big letters, “Natural gas is hot stuff.” A bit of irony if I’ve ever seen one. The smaller print of the ad extols the virtues of natural gas, including its abundance in the U.S. and the energy independence its use will bring. “Natural gas consists mainly … Continued

Major Solar Installation Unveiled to Thousands of Fans at NASCAR Race

As NASCAR fans excitedly prepared for Sunday’s Toyota/Save Mart 350, with its almost unending stream of activities and entertainment, there was something decidedly different in store for them: a major solar installation and the first funded with private investment at a raceway (Pocono Raceway’s publicly-funded installation was completed in August of last year). Infineon Raceway, … Continued

Is the US Right To Seek Airline Exemption From European Carbon Law?

Business Green reports that US Airlines, American Airlines, Continental and United, along with their trade association, the Air Transport Association (ATA), will file a legal challenge to a European law requiring all airlines flying into and out of the EU to pay a charge per tonne of CO2 emitted. The US government opposes the law. … Continued

Silk Tries To Recover From Bad Publicity

It’s not easy for a company to overcome bad publicity. Two years ago, the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) called for a boycott of Silk products because some of the soybeans in its products came from countries known for inhumane labor practices, such as Brazil and China. By August 2009, Silk’s website claimed all soy beans … Continued

“Hyatt Thrive” CSR Platform will Improve Local Volunteering

Hyatt Thrive, launched on June 9, will be Hyatt’s “global corporate responsibility platform.” The concept is based around the four pillars of environmental sustainability, economic development and investment, education and personal advancement, and health and wellness. The ultimate aim of Hyatt Thrive is to engage positively and more directly with the communities where the company’s … Continued

Creating Hybrid Value Chains with the Ashoka Foundation

The Ashoka Foundation is the largest association of leading social entrepreneurs in the world.  They work on three simple levels: By supporting individual social entrepreneurs throughout their life cycle, they bring communities together. These communities then help leverage their impact, scale their ideas and capture and disseminate their best practices. Then they help to build the … Continued

Green My Digs: 5 Most Eco-friendly Apartment Buildings in America

By: Tim Eyre The robust global environmentalism movement has impacted virtually all aspects of American life. And while green building practices have been utilized in single family construction for some time now, developers in the multi-family sector have only recently started taking notice, recognizing that the added cost of implementing eco-friendly design and construction principles … Continued

Will Ford’s Electric Butterflies Fly?

Among the talking points we heard repeatedly last week at the Forward with Ford trends event where that the soon-to-be-released Ford Focus electric will get better mileage than a Chevy Volt and will charge faster than a Nissan Leaf. That’s exciting news for a brand new car we haven’t yet seen on the road. It … Continued