Got Waste? Call DHL

DHL Supply Chain is adding a new offering to its Go Green menu of services, a dedicated waste and recycling arm in the United Kingdom, called DHL Envirosolutions.

The service aims to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and meet environmental and sustainability targets.

It’s a full package of environmentally-related services, sort of a one-stop enviro shop for UK customers and businesses. The company provides them with help, information and guidance on compliance with packaging waste; waste electrical & electronic equipment (WEEE) regulations; battery compliance; sustainability services and help on data-gathering and submission for environmental compliance.

The division is licensed to handle any form of waste material, from bulk recyclables to dangerous and hazardous waste. Services range from supervised and scheduled collections to ad hoc and on-demand capabilities. Working with the UK pub and hotel company JD Wetherspoon, DHL says it was able to generate carbon emissions savings of some 11,000 tons of CO2 and a cost saving of around £150,000 ($243,805) per annum on landfill taxes in the past year.

Jos Daalhuizen, business director of DHL Envirosolutions, says in a news release: “By working closely with our existing customers, we recognized the potential opportunity for businesses to financially benefit from their waste. DHL Envirosolutions is already working with a number of high street names to help them navigate the complex legislative environment, while also delivering cost savings to their business.”

DHL did not release a fee structure for Envirosolutions, but outsourcing waste and recycling services sounds like an idea whose time has come, especially for large producers of waste and companies like DHL with the equipment and infrastructure to handle it.

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