Will Integrative Medicine Save Healthcare?

In North America, the idea of integrative pharmacy – bringing together conventional pharma with ‘traditional’ remedies from naturopathy and homeopathy – is relatively new. But it’s catching like wildfire. Which brands are building the trend? And how do you get involved?

Detroit: Stakeholder Power at Work

The reporting on Detroit seems to be shifting away from the narrative of the once great American City disintegrating into a burned out warzone-like state as citizens flee to greener, safer, more vibrant locales.

A Triple Dose of EDF Climate Corps from Inside Adidas, Kettle Cuisine and SunGard

By: Katie Ware, Marketing & Communications, Corporate Partnerships, EDF This summer, Triple Pundit will follow three environmental change agents participating in the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps program. EDF Climate Corps recruits and trains top-tier MBA students and places them in leading corporations to identify and develop practical, actionable energy efficiency solutions. Now in its … Continued

Tesla Partnering With Toyota To Provide Powertrain System for the RAV4

Tesla will provide the electric powertrain system (including the battery, charging system, inverter, motor, gearbox and associated software) for the Toyota electric RAV4, according to an SEC filing on July 15, 2011. Tesla will provide Toyota “with certain services related to the supply of the Tesla Battery and Powertrain,” the filing states. Toyota will pay … Continued

McDonald’s Announces Healthier Changes To Happy Meals

McDonald’s USA announced plans on July 26 to offer healthier choices to its customers. The plans, which McDonald’s is calling, “Commitments to Offer Improved Nutrition Choices,” include making Happy Meals healthier. The iconic children’s meals will “automatically include produce or a low-fat dairy option,” according to a press release. McDonald’s estimates that the changes will … Continued

Women’s Rights and the Respect for Local Culture: The Price for Freedom?

Victoria L. Petitjean A few weeks ago, I wrote about women’s empowerment and the importance of role models. Having someone to look up to, professionally and personally, remains a core foundation of any individual’s path to self-discovery. It is maybe even more the case for those who are traditionally put down and discriminated against in … Continued

The FOMO Generation? Is ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ Destroying Happiness

Increasingly my world is filled with overachievers who feel like underachievers. Are we the FOMO Generation? Is ‘Fear OF Missing Out’ destroying happiness. In past generations people tryied to keep up with the Joneses, their neighbors with a nicer yard, cuter kids, or a better car. But now thanks to LinkedIn and Facebook we have to keep up with the Joneses and the Shahs, Lees, Carters, Smiths, Levys and our hundreds of other acquaintances online.

How Thinking of IT as a Utility Can Improve Efficiency

Server underutilization is a major barrier to energy efficiency. Most large IT departments have been trying to improve server utilization for some years, primarily through the use of server virtualization technology. But many of these efforts have stalled for a number of reasons including financial constraints, organizational politics, and a shortage of sufficiently skilled IT staff.

The Solar Scheme: Banks Overvalue Solar Projects for Financial Gain

First, there were solar systems with a hefty up-front price that not many households and companies could afford. Then came the solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) and solar leasing that transformed solar systems from a product into an affordable service. One of the cornerstones of the new model is a 30 percent federal tax credit … Continued

Tesla-Powered Electric Toyotas Come to Market in 2012

According to news last week, upstart electric carmaker Tesla Motors took another major step forward when it completed a $100 million supplier agreement with Toyota to provide electric batteries and drive trains for an all-electric version of the popular RAV4 compact SUV beginning in 2012.

Making CSR Mandatory in India

Making Mandatory CSR reporting in India has been an ongoing debate for almost a year now. With the recent cabinet reshuffle, newly appointed Corporate Affairs Ministers Mr. Veerappa Moily recently said that the new Companies Bill would make it mandatory for corporate to earmark part of their profit for CSR initiatives. Moily said that India … Continued

CFO Engagement on Shareholder Social and Environmental Expectations

This post is part of a series on Stakeholder Engagement sponsored by Jurat Software. Deloitte’s CFO Signals report summarizes the issues that CFOs are increasingly confronting with 4 words: Major Change Initiatives Stress. 56% of CFOs cite this stress with more than half placing it as a top three stress. One of the “Change Initiatives” confronting … Continued

Can the Local Food Movement Go Mainstream?

The local food movement has has been gathering steam for the last few years. Time magazine put local food on its cover in 2007 and since then Walmart and Chipotle have both pledged to include more locally sourced food available to their customers. A few days ago a man in Burlington, Vt was arrested for … Continued

CSR in the Media: Fall-out From News of the World “Hackgate”

The scandal that is currently rocking the media world puts Rupert Murdoch clearly in the epicenter of the storm. News of the World (NoW), a UK based publication of News International (NI) has been accused of hacking a murdered school girl’s phone. The scandal has resulted in the resignation and consequent arrest of Rebekah Brooks, … Continued