Putting the Power to Conserve Energy in Consumers’ Hands – Through Technology

Neil McPhail, board member, Alliance to Save Energy and senior vice president, new business customer solutions group at Best Buy discusses how power companies and consumer technology retailers are coming together to establish working relationships and best practices that will work toward creating better, more efficient and most importantly, greener products from store shelf to in-home outlet. Best Buy, a consistent leader in sustainability, is hosting its 3rd Annual Energy Summit and Neil shares with readers some of his key insights and takeaways from the discussions leading up to summit.

Walmart Takes Another Step Towards Food Sustainability

It appears that retail giant Walmart is ready to take another step on its sustainability journey. Sources within the food industry are reporting that Walmart is planning to begin collecting data from its fruit and vegetable vendors in order to assess the sustainability of their operations. This is a continuation of Wamart’s initiative rolled out … Continued

USDA Announces 900 Federal Energy Projects for Farms and Small Businesses

President Obama made a group of announcements related to biofuel policy on his bus tour through the Midwest this summer, with the aim of boosting the nation’s biofuel production while helping rural communities create new jobs and build a sustainable economy.  Now another piece of the rural sustainability puzzle is falling into place, with the … Continued

Green IT – The Other Clean Tech

This post examines U.S. prospects for leading in green information technology, as a growing component of the broader clean tech market.

Thriving Microfinance Sector Strengthens Colombia’s Economy

Nearly 50% of Colombia’s 46 million citizens live below the poverty line. Microfinance organizations such as Colombians Supporting Colombians (CAC) are giving budding entrepreneurs a leg up by providing micro-loans and other banking services that conventional banks are unwilling to offer. Some $3.5 billion in micro-credit was disbursed in 2010 to more than 2 million borrowers.

Dunkin’ Donuts Runs on CSR, Slowly but Surely

I don’t consider myself a big Dunkin’ Donuts fan. When I lived in Delaware I used to go there only on Hanukkah, looking for donuts to remind me of Hanukkah doughnuts (I dare you to find those in Delaware!). So when I came to read their first CSR report, which was released last week, I … Continued

Levi’s Launches Cause Marketing Blitz

The new phase of Levi’s “Go Forth” campaign supports Water.org, a non-profit organization that finds solutions for water and sanitation problems. It is fitting that the company with the most liked denim brand on Facebook announced the campaign via that medium. Its one-minute commercial, titled “Levi’s Legacy, what it calls a “60-second film,” debuted there … Continued

Major Retailers Show that Disaster Management is an Integral Part of CSR

Disaster management is rapidly becoming a very important area of CSR. Although some natural disasters strike very suddenly and the only response that can be done is post-tragedy, others require a degree of forethought. Sometimes CSR responses may be as simple as ensuring that services go on as normal, so as not to create further … Continued

What is a Conscious Leader?

By Jeff Klein The short answer: A Conscious Leader is someone who leads with Conscious Awareness. As I outlined in the third installment in this “It’s Just Good Business” series, Conscious Awareness is “a process of recognizing what is going on inside and out, the effects of decisions and actions, and the interaction between a … Continued

PepsiCo To Launch Sustainable Agricultural Initiative Next Year

PepsiCo told Business Green it will launch a sustainable agricultural initiative next year. Dan Bena, director of sustainable development for PepsiCo, said the global soft drinks company will build on work the auditing firm Validus is currently doing. “The study is designed to help PespiCo measure the social return on investments (ROI) and put a financial … Continued

Green Festival Comes to Los Angeles

For the past ten years, the Green Festival has been an annual or bi-annual event in San Francisco.  The Green Festival has also taken place elsewhere across the country, with Chicago, Seattle, and Washington D.C. to name a few locations.  Now, for the first time in its decade of existence, the Green Festival is coming … Continued

Smart Grids Could Reduce Impact of Hurricanes Like Irene

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., Co-Author, Climate Capitalism Writing this last Saturday afternoon, the nation and the world are warily observing the path and wrath of Hurricane Irene.  There have already been documented losses of life as well as reports that more than a million Americans have been left without power so far. Given that the changing … Continued

Smucker’s Choice: Make Money or be Eaten for Lunch

“Climate change is like the Internet – It arrives one year, it gets bigger every year, it never goes away and you have to learn to make money of it or you will be eaten for lunch.” – Paul Dickinson, co-founder and executive chairman, The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Although the business world provides growing … Continued

Is GMO Corn a Threat to Fish?

Have shared in this column some of my concerns over the cultivation and proliferation of genetically modified foods. In response, I have been called anti-scientific, old fashioned and an enemy to progress. I am none of these. In fact, I have an advanced degree in engineering, which requires a fair amount of science to obtain. … Continued