P&G Makes the Case to 100 Million Americans: Cold Water Washing Works

Fact A: Cold-water detergents are better for the environment. Fact B: Cold-water detergents save consumers money on energy while providing them with results equal to hot-water washing. They even cost about the same. Sounds like a win-win offer, right? So why do consumers avoid cold-water detergents? The answer is actually simple: They don’t care too … Continued

The Problem with Politicizing Solyndra

“As much as I wish to be able to answer the members’ questions, I have been advised by my counsel that it is the better course for me to assert my constitutional right to decline to answer questions under the Fifth Amendment. While I hope to have an opportunity to assist this committee’s inquiry in … Continued

Is There a Wooden Tee Shirt in Your Future?

Problems that are also opportunities, like the one we are facing now with our climate, have a way of taking us places where we never thought we’d go. For example, I thought a good way of solidifying my connection with Mother Nature was to go walking in the woods, not to start wearing them. But … Continued

SunTracker: Leveraging GPS to Radically Optimize Daylighting

In recent years, much has been made of the energy savings and emissions reduction associated with switching to CFLs. What if every moment the sun was out you could go completely without electric lighting? Daylighting is an often touted solution. In my case, having skylights in our office meant hiding from it as the sun … Continued

Track the Slave Labor Footprint of Common Products

Slavery Footprint is a website, launched last week, which calculates how much slave labor is used to produce the common products in our lives. The launch of the site, which is a creation of the California-based Fair Trade Fund and the State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, coincided with the 149th … Continued

EV Battery Staple to Be Produced at Geothermal Site

Using a “breakthrough, zero-waste” process that can be incorporated into geothermal power plants, the lithium carbonate, manganese and zinc produced from Simbol’s facility near the Salton Sea will be of of the highest purity available on the world market and help assure that US clean energy growth continues.

Carpooling Gets a Boost with $6 Million In New Funding for Zimride

One of the biggest problems with casual carpooling is that in most cases you really don’t know who you’ll be riding with. It can be a great person and the beginning of wonderful friendship (hey, that’s how Harry met Sally!), but you might also find yourself riding eight hours with some weirdo making it your … Continued

Method Proves Value Matters More than “Green”

Instead of marketing “green-ness”, sustainable companies should focus their efforts on innovative design, and a clear message that is relevant to their customers’ experience. The fact is, for the truly successful sustainable companies, it’s not about being “green;” it’s about a superior product and a smarter message.

Could Cell Phones Benefit Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries?

The ExxonMobil Foundation has a long history of investing in women worldwide, committing nearly $50 million to date toward programs that have benefitted thousands. The foundation recently announced a $1.5 million grant awarded to The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women for research into how mobile phone technology can aid women’s business efforts in developing countries. … Continued

Real Time Farms Crowd-Sources to Map U.S. Food System

Founded by Karl and Cara Rosaen, Real Time Farms (RTF) is a new crowd-sourcing online food guide that is every foodie’s dream, acting as a restaurant guide, local farm source map, and food artisan storytelling hub all wrapped up into one. As their website boasts, “As crazy as it sounds, our vision is to collectively … Continued

Lighter and More Fuel Efficient, Boeing Delivers the First 787 Dreamliner

This week, US aircraft maker Boeing celebrated the delivery of it’s first new-generation 787 Dreamliner to the Japanese carrier, All Nippon Airlines (ANA). This follows a series of setbacks which have beset the launch, delaying deliveries by around three years. Despite the setbacks, Bloomberg reported in August that the 787 is the fastest selling aircraft … Continued

400 Megawatt Solar Plant Planned for Florida’s Panhandle

National Solar Power will invest $1.5 billion to build the Southeast’s largest solar power farm, a 400MW solar power farm in Florida’s Gadsden County capable of supplying clean, renewable power to some 32,000 homes. Around 400 construction phase and 120 permanent jobs are expected to be created.

The Electric Car Branding Trick Even Nissan’s LEAF is Missing

In the past ten years, environmentally friendly cars have become a fixture in advertising. First came the Prius. Then BMW claimed its electric batteries boost performance, great for boosting the entire BMW brand. Chevy Volt, an electric hybrid, hypes range, innovation and American values, trying to minimize its differences from traditional cars. Nissan LEAF touts its green credentials, scooping up the ultra-green market.

Vietnamese Drug Detention Centers Use Forced Labor for Cashew Processing

A new report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW) entitled The Rehab Archipelago: Forced Labor and Other Abuses in Drug Detention Centers in Southern Vietnam, indicates that drug addicts being detained in government-run “rehabilitation” centers often double as forced-labor camps where detainees process cashew nuts and manufacture other exports in southern Vietnam under harsh conditions … Continued

Economic Development Boards Spur Renewable Energy Development in Hawaii

Every municipality has one, but most people don’t know what economic development boards do. At the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit, I attended a talk with a panel of leaders from economic development boards in the four main counties of the state of Hawaii to find out more about how these small business engines are … Continued