The Kind of Business Leadership We Need for Our Evolution

Leadership in our modern cultures is not only highly valued but essential for our evolution. As I approach 30 years of professional work, I realize that almost 100 percent of the value I bring to organizations and what I am compensated for involves leadership.

Occupy Wall Street’s Silver Bullet: Publicly Financed Campaigns

Occupy Wall Street lacks specific demands, deriving its power through its inclusivity. This will eventually change. Demanding publicly financed elections is broad enough for all to support and strategic enough to have real impact on the problems of wealth disparity and corporate-government collusion.

PepsiCo Invests in Ethiopian Chickpea Production

Chickpea enthusiasts might be pleased to learn that this super food has the potential to start showing up in many more products. That’s because PepsiCo recently partnered with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the World Food Program (WFP) to institute Enterprise EthioPEA, a program with simultaneous goals of dramatically raising Ethiopia’s … Continued

House Democrats Introduce Carbon Tax Bill

Nine House Democrats introduced a bill on October 24 which would create a “simple tax on carbon,”  in the words of its lead sponsor, Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA). The bill, the Save Our Climate Act (HR 3242), probably doesn’t have a proverbial snowball’s chance in hell making it out of committee with the Republicans in … Continued

California Attorney General Files Plastic Water Bottle Lawsuit

California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris filed a lawsuit against three companies over claims that they misled consumers by marketing plastic water bottles as biodegradable. Harris filed the lawsuit in the Orange County Superior Court on October 26 against ENSO Plastics, Balance Water and AquaMantra. Balance and Aquamantra sell plastic water bottles marketed by ENSO … Continued

7 Billion Scariest Things This Halloween

You know those articles that are so prevalent online…9 tips to a flatter stomach, 6 ways to get her to notice you, 3 top ingredients for a souffle with coconut? I promise not to actually list 7 billion things in this article, but suffice to say that this Halloween, we have 7 billion reasons to … Continued

Is the Occupy Wall Street Movement Sustainable?

Yes, I admit, the title is a double-entendre. There are two ways it can be read. Mostly, when this question has been asked, it is referring to how long the people will remain at the site. Will they stay once it really gets cold? Last week’s storm was a test of that. I would say … Continued

The Global Economy: Just a Trough in the Business Cycle?

3p is proud to partner with the Presidio Graduate School’s Macroeconomics course on a blogging series about “the economics of sustainability.” This post is part of that series. To follow along, please click here. By Maggie Winslow What should we be thinking about the state of the global economy?  Are we just in the bottom … Continued

Feeding Seven Billion People: The Emerging Farm Tech Revolution

Today, October 31, 2011, the world will have “officially” grown to 7 billion in population. Among those 7 billion, approximately one billion are malnourished. Even in America, a bread basket for the world, there is emerging awareness of “urban food deserts” where people face limited healthy food options. The 21st Century’s farming challenge is to: … Continued

Net Impact 2011 Conference Panel: Finance Careers for Good

By Jacen Greene “We’re going to occupy Wall Street from the inside.” Those words, spoken as part of the introductory speech of the 2011 Net Impact Conference, certainly applied to the topics and audience of a conference panel on “Finance for Good: Creating a Career with Impact.” The wide-ranging discussion covered topics such as how … Continued

Social Media is a Conversation

As pervasive as social media may be, what does social media really do? How can it benefit sustainability?

Leading Sustainability Consultancy Emphasizes the Importance of Value Chain Management

The Tomorrow’s Value Ratings  (TVR) is out with some surprising findings about the state of sustainable business. TVR is an annual assessment of corporate sustainability practices among leading companies worldwide. It is run by corporate sustainability agency Two Tomorrows and it aims to further the debate on sustainable business. This year’s ratings rated 92 companies and notes several trends:

Socially Responsible Investing: How Small Investors Can Drive Change

By Jacen Greene From Quaker prohibitions on slave trading, to boycotts of firms doing business in apartheid South Africa, to analyzing corporate carbon emissions, Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) has come a long way. In a panel session called “SRI 3.0: the Evolution of Socially Responsible Investing” at the 2011 Net Impact Conference, a group of … Continued

REI President and CEO Sally Jewell Opens Net Impact Conference

By Jacen Greene After a five-week trip to climb mountains in Antarctica—including several first ascents—answering questions for an audience of more than 2000 must not be very intimidating for REI President and CEO Sally Jewell. For the opening keynote of the 2011 Net Impact Conference, she was interviewed on-stage by journalist and writer Marc Gunther about … Continued