Green Job Sector Still Growing Rapidly

Green Energy

By Chris Keenan

While talk of slow job growth and a poor economic outlook continue to be the focus of the media, one aspect of the latest job statistics should be touted as progress and an ultimate step in the right direction.The environment is becoming an important subject, not just in the hearts and minds of dedicated individuals, but also in the public and economic dialogue.

Industries are looking for ways they can literally clean up their reputations, becoming more green. New sectors of the economy, dedicated to going green and furthering and environmentally friendly lifestyle are some of the fastest growing sectors in the economy.

Now, rather than shutting that garage door and heading off to a ho-hum job everyday, many are making their way to exciting, green jobs each morning, satisfied that they are doing their part to make our planet a better place. Clean, sustainable energy is perhaps that largest subset of the green job sector. Not only are the number of green energy jobs on the rise, these are reliable, excellent paying positions that have a lot of predicted stability for the future. Many college students are looking at the green job sector as a great career track and many are offering environmental-related degree programs.

Even as manufacturing and other jobs go overseas, the green job sector continues to expand. Whether it is green energy, conservation, public transportation, smart growth and planning – you name it, there is a demand for it. This is a good sign for a seemingly stagnating economy and it is also a hopeful sign for the environment. We, as a society, are finally taking environmental problems more seriously, and many new industries are popping up to address to problems created by our industrial model of growth and production.

The economic Recovery Act and different retrofitting programs put forth by the government, as well as a rising awareness of environmental issues is leading to this change in our economy. Clean energy is reigning king in a dwindling job market. Solar, wind, improved battery technology, and more are at the forefront of research and development. As the country, as a whole, begins to go more “green“, the green job sector should continue to grow, offering excellent career opportunities for those who want to retrain or who will be entering the job force in the coming years.

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Chris Keenan is a green and general blog writer. He writes for many sites including Precision Garage Door. Chris also maintains a personal house and garden blog.

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