Marketing as a Tool for Stakeholder Engagement

By Jeff Klein Marketing is misunderstood. The deeper purpose and potential of marketing are rarely recognized or embodied. While marketing is often used and perceived as manipulation, it can serve as a process to bring a company’s mission to life and to engage its stakeholders in ongoing and ever-deepening relationships. While all marketing can function … Continued

How are You Hearing About Occupy Wall Street?

Will places like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter be the next stage where we can actually get uncensored news about the current events happening throughout the country?  In the past year, the world came to understand the power of communication methods like Twitter and YouTube from people in Arab countries such as Tunisia.

New Geothermal Drilling Project Opens Up in Chile

Ormat Nevada announced five awards to explore for geothermal resources in Chile while the 2011 GEA Expo taking place in San Diego this week highlights Southern California’s geothermal resources.

Barilla and The National Journal Host the “Healthy Food, Healthy Planet” Summit

The Healthy Food, Healthy Planet summit, hosted by The National Journal and the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition, brought together speakers and panelists to discuss healthy eating, lack of access to healthy food, obesity, biofuels, and the agricultural industry. Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Tom Vilsack was the keynote speaker and … Continued

GE Seeks Healthcare Partners

Innovators in clean energy and healthcare may have an angel in GE. And it doesn’t stop with seed money.

We Hardly Know You… Help Us Change That

As you may recall, TriplePundit has a new partner-in-crime, Sustainable Industries. The first step in merging two media platforms is to figure out who our readers are. That’s where you come in! Help us out by completing this brief survey so we can find out more about you and what you care about. Answers are … Continued

Video: Alex Bogusky and Others on the Access Economy

The Sustainable Industries Economic Forum welcomed 300 sustainable business leaders to The St. Regis in in San Francisco on Oct. 20. Hosted in several West Coast cities throughout the year, the 2012 San Francisco Forum featured Alex Bogusky, chief creative insurgent officer at FearLess Cottage, and Bonnie Nixon, newly anointed executive director of The Sustainability Consortium, as keynote speakers with differing … Continued

Recycling: a Crutch for Our Conscience?

Too many of us rely on recycling to relieve our environmental conscience. While important, recycling should only be considered one action in the myriad things we do to lessen our carbon footprint.

Tim Hortons Launches Closed Loop System

Tim Hortons is ramping up its environmental initiatives. A pilot program in the Maritimes will be a step towards a closed loop system to manage waste.

African Clean Tech Association Launches To Help Create Green Jobs

The developing world is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, which makes it an imperative to develop clean tech. Enter the African Clean Tech Association (ACTA) which launched on October 24. The purpose of ACTA, according to ACTA founder Suza Adam, “goes beyond mere introduction of projects, but rather becoming a vehicle to … Continued

Dow to Sell Solar Powered Rooftop Shingles in Limited Markets

Dow Solar, a division of Dow Chemical Company began selling its Powerhouse Solar Shingle, rooftop solar shingles, this month in Colorado. Next year the company will sell the shingles in targeted states. The solar shingles provide homeowners with rooftop solar power and keep the roof looking attractive. The solar shingles protect the house with standard … Continued

Renewable Energy Credits Explained

Green energy credits are renewable energy certificates (RECs) that provde electricity was generated with a renewable energy resource such as solar or wind power.

Video Interview: Who Grows Your Food?

One of the fundamental failures of market economies is their wrongful assumption that all members enjoy equal access to information.  Suppose we can solve that issue when it comes to food.  Would the “invisible hand” make the right choices to put us on a sustainable path?   Perhaps we will soon find out.  Foodtree is a … Continued

What is the Key to Unleashing Stakeholder Value?

By Jeff Klein Short answer: Love and care. Earlier this month at the Lost Pines outside Austin, Texas, Conscious Capitalism, Inc convened the 5th Annual Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit, with 100-plus business leaders. Presentations and conversations on the theme of the Summit – Unleashing Stakeholder Value – reflected on the interdependent nature of business and … Continued