Charlotte to Install First Airport Worm Composting System

While it seems logical that many restaurants have already begun to reap the benefits of installing onsite worm composting operations, airports may not be the first place people would think of to have such systems in place. The Charlotte Douglas International Airport will change that fact when they open a $1.1 million recycling center in … Continued

Forest Bonds: Realizing a Net Zero Deforestation, Forest-Friendly Economy

The Durban Climate negotiations, the Rio+20 conference, record damages from extreme weather events and the ongoing turmoil in global financial systems and markets is an opportunity for governments, financial institutions and stakeholders worldwide to support and participate in the development of a global market for conservation bonds, according to the the Global Canopy Programme. Their latest report lays out the whys and hows of forest conservation bonds – innovative debt securities that the organization believes can be used now to help raise the huge investments necessary to avoid deforestation and equitably and justly monetize the value tropical forests provide.

Bringing Social Impact Bonds to California

This post is part of the capital markets open letter project by MBA students at Presidio Graduate School. Open Letter To Governor Jerry Brown From Katherine Athavale, Katie Branagh, Norman Rossman, Dale Wannen Dear Governor Brown: We are writing you to ask your support for an innovative new way of financing positive social outcomes: the … Continued

Stakeholder Engagement Marketing at O.N.E Coconut Water

By Jeff Klein In the first post in this 3-part series on Stakeholder Engagement Marketing (SEM) I proposed that marketing is misunderstood and suggested that the deeper purpose and potential of marketing are rarely recognized or embodied. I also outlined the context for SEM. In the second post in this seriesI outlined the first phase … Continued

Occupy Movement Pushes CSR to the Tipping Point

This post was originally published on the CSRHub Blog. By Carol Pierson Holding Banks are big proponents of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). They give extensively to charities, pay their employees generously and contribute to the environment with LEED certified buildings and sustainable operating practices. They measure and monitor the results of their CSR investment, and … Continued

Nike & Puma, Reframing the Sustainability Message for a Younger Market

Both Nike and Puma adopted a strategy of creating a movement around reframing the word “sustainability”. Although both movements were targeted towards demographically similar markets, the respective target customers have diverging sensibilities. What will be most interesting to see is how the PR of 2011 develops into the actions of 2012.

Consumer Reports Launches Eco-Label App For iPhones

Just because a product has a label stating its environmental credentials, it does not mean necessarily that the product is environmentally friendly. Greenwashing abounds, and it is hard for consumers to know what is truly “green” and what is not. Consumer Reports launched an Eco-Label App for iPhones to help consumers make informed choices. The … Continued

Unilever & Gisele Take Top Honors at International Green Awards

The Sixth International Green Awards celebration took place at a glittering gala in London last week. The awards, which are accredited by the Royal Society of Arts, were established to recognize creativity in promoting international sustainability, focusing on media, communication, product design, people and innovation. Their goal is to “bring together and make more visible a … Continued

Should Congress Slash the Budget For National Parks Conservation?

What is going on in Congress? First, it talks about giving pizza sauce the status of a vegetable, now it wants to cut the budget for national parks. A number of federal programs are under discussion to be axed and a ‘super committee’ is said to be in charge of trimming excess spending to rein in … Continued

U.S. Green Building Council Launches New LEED Apps

The U.S. Green Building Council has just launched a new app service that should help make it easier for builders to get the most bang out of their LEED buck. The new service, called the App Lab, is a catalog of applications created by third parties that are integrated with LEED data. App Lab is … Continued

A Clean Resource Too Large to be Ignored – Geothermal Power Gains Steam

Geothermal power’s grown at a much slower rate than other forms of renewable energy over the past decade. That’s not due to a lack of resource potential, however. Recent studies have shown just how abundant geothermal resources are in many parts of the world. Growth rates are expected to be high in Kenya, Iceland, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru, while activity’s also ramping up in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand and the Philippines.

WEEE Systems Works Towards a Closed-Loop E-Waste Recycling System

E-waste is a serious problem in all parts of the world. A UK-based start-up WEEE Systems has ambitious plans to tackle the growing issue of e-waste. They recently revealed that they are in the process of developing a prototype plant capable of providing closed-loop recycling services to leading electronics manufacturers. WEEE Systems wants to involve at … Continued