Water Conservation in the Instream Flows Market In California

This post is part of the capital markets open letter project by MBA students at Presidio Graduate School. Open Letter To Governor Jerry Brown By: Kimberly Morris, Philip O’Connor, Megan Redford, Gomathi Sadhasivan Dear Governor Jerry Brown: Thank you for your continued support of water conservation in California. As concerned citizens, and MBA students at … Continued

Asia Pulp & Paper Lashes Back at Greenpeace

Asia Pulp & Papers (APP)  has been accused repeatedly by Greenpeace of causing deforestation in Indonesia over the past few years. It is one of the biggest suppliers of paper pulp and one of its customers, Mattel has also been the target of a recent Greenpeace campaign. Now Mongabay reports that APP fires back at Greenpeace after losing … Continued

Reflecting on Life

By Jeff Klein “How’s it going?” “What is working well and what are the opportunities for improvement?” “What have I learned from this passage?” “What new approaches might we explore?” “What skills or capacities can we develop to be better prepared for similar circumstances?” “How do I feel about this process? What might those feelings … Continued

New Child Labor Law Proposals: Benefit or Hinderance?

The United States Department of Labor has proposed an update to child labor regulations.  These regulations are allegedly targeted at improving the safety of young folks working in the area of agriculture.  Are these proposals a step forward for child labor regulations?  Or do these proposals meddle too much with parent and child rights to choose … Continued

Sustainable Logistics Can Really Make a Difference

“Delivering Tomorrow: Towards Sustainable Logistics”, a study released in October 2010, suggests that sustainability is key for the future success of the logistics industry. According to the study, logistics plays a key role in comprehensive carbon reduction efforts because of its expertise and positioning along the supply chain. The study also points out a number of interesting facts, including:

Black Friday 2012: More Hours, More Resistance

If you think Black Friday couldn’t get worse, you got it wrong. The biggest shopping day of the year is beginning earlier than ever this year with retailers such as Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Gap, Toys r Us and Macy’s opening their doors as early as midnight, or even earlier in the case of Wal-Mart. … Continued

First Wind Power Consumer Label Launched

The world’s first wind power consumer label, WindMade was launched on November 18th at an event hosted by WindMade and the UN Global Compact in New York. WindMade allows participating companies, which includes include Bloomberg, LEGO Group, and Motorola Mobility, to let consumers know how much wind power is used overall as part of their … Continued

BizBox: A Solar Powered Mobile Pop Up Shop

The term “pop up shop” has become common currency these days, but it hasn’t generally meant a store that actually pops up. Until now, that is. BizBox is as its name says: A business space in a box. This self contained, towable, solar powered space can be brought to its destination by your average consumer … Continued

RMI’s Reinventing Fire Cuts Carbon by 82% While Saving $5 Trillion

In a major event at National Geographic headquarters last month, Rocky Mountain Institute’s founder and chief scientist, Amory Lovins, unveiled the pathway to a new energy era that would lead to energy independence, get us entirely off of oil, coal and nuclear energy, reduce natural gas consumption by a third, all while saving $5 trillion, … Continued

Xtreme Power Storage

This video was syndicated with the permission of our friends at Future360 . Check out this interview with the founders of Xtreme Power, manufacturers of an energy storage solution for renewable energy. Xtreme Power’s patented power cell promises to be a game changer in how renewable energy is integrated into the grid.

Why Second-Hand Shopping Isn’t Truly Guilt-Free

As a long term, lifetime thrift store shopper, I have always taken great satisfaction in my ability to build wardrobes without paying retail prices. With a little patience and the thrill of the hunt spurring me on, I have spent many hours rifling through second-hand clothing racks looking for that something special for just $3.99.

Green Gift Monday Promotes Positive Change and Provides Free Marketing

Green Gift Monday, launched for the second year by The Nature Conservancy, encourages gift givers to consider environmentally and socially responsible choices around the holidays. It also presents a great marketing opportunity for the Conservancy and its partners.

ShareNY: Is the Sharing Economy the New Economy?

On Saturday, November 19th and 20th, Shareable and Parsons Desis Lab hosted ShareNY, a conference on the sharing economy in New York City. If your reaction is, “But New Yorkers don’t share!” you’re probably forming judgments based on bad Hollywood movies. NYC is quite a shareable city; people live in apartment buildings (often with roommates), take public … Continued

Fox News Viewers the Most Uninformed About Current Events, Including Climate Change

Recently, the Fairleigh Dickinson University came out with a poll confirming something that many of us have probably suspected all along. It stated that Fox News viewers are less informed than people who don’t watch any news at all. The survey was conducted among 612 New Jersey natives. Fox News watchers were 18 percent less likely to … Continued