India’s Solar Future Burns Bright

India is poised to become a solar powerhouse, a possibility on its way to becoming a reality, with sunny prospects for the awakening subcontinent’s economic future. The Indian government has recognized the opportunity they have in a land where the sun shines more than 80 percent of all possible hours, and has set a goal … Continued

Source4Style Makes Sustainable Materials Sourcing Fashionable

Source4Style is using the Internet to facilitate commerce between two groups that are disconnected in the global marketplace – the leading sustainable suppliers and the independent designers and apparel brands that are trying to find them.

Public-Private Partnership Boosts Clean Energy in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has added 36-megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable electricity to its national electricity grid. Reno, Nevada’s Ram Power announced on Dec. 22 that it successfully synchronized electricity generation for its Phase I expansion at the San Jacinto-Tizate geothermal energy field. The new capacity augments 10-MW of clean electricity from previously installed back-pressure units. Owned by … Continued

Sync City and Transportation Planning for Sustainability

Looking for a good how-to book on sustainable transportation planning? An excellent place to start is with Jeffrey Tumlin’s new book which provides a comprehensive, entertaining and profusely illustrated guide to “creating vibrant, healthy and resilient communities.” 3p obtained a review copy of Sustainable Transportation Planning, published as an e-book this month by John Wiley … Continued

Bringing Bug Eating Into the Mainstream

For those that need convincing there are a number of arguments in favor of the insect. Logic alone will not turn the tide of American public opinion. Entrepreneurs looking to build economies of scale face an uphill battle of stakeholder engagement. Nevertheless, it’s hard to shake the feeling that the lunchtime crowd at the Don Bugito taco cart represent the leading edge of a tidal wave of latent demand.

World Peace Scores in the NBA

Many people define world peace as an ideal.  One player in the National Basketball Association is attempting to promote world peace each time he is on the court.  How is he doing this? Is it for real? The Los Angeles Lakers basketball player, formerly known as Ron Artest, changed his name to Metta World Peace. … Continued

How Better Design Can Heal the Fishing Industry

Fishing practices that once sought to maximize the size of the catch, as efficiently as possible through the use of GPS and tracking devices, have led to a dire situation: severely depleted fish populations. The focus must now turn from the quantity of the catch to the quality of the catch.

Google’s Green Czar Leaves for Facebook

In November 2011, Bill Weihl, left his post as the Green Czar at Google. Weihl oversaw much of Google’s $700M investments in clean energy and was a driving force behind Google’s Green Dream otherwise known as The Impact of Clean Energy Innovation. Now, it seems that Dr. Weihl, a former Computer Science professor at MIT, … Continued

What a Billion-Dollar LEED Gold Project Looks Like

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was aiming for high marks in sustainability  when it designed some elaborate green features into the Pentagon’s new $1 billion Department of Defense Office Complex in Virginia, and the good folks at the U.S. Green Building Council just rewarded it with LEED Gold certification earlier this month. Regular readers … Continued

Campus Energy Wars: Effective Marketing Campaigns to Change Behavior

Building occupant behavior is the holy grail of energy efficiency. Environmental psychologist Doug McKenzie-Mohr describes strategies for crafting behavior change marketing campaigns. Several college campuses have successfully implemented similar campaigns to induce their students to more efficient behavior.

Maine’s Governor Helps SFI Win an Important Battle Over FSC

I have to admit that I got it wrong. Last September, I wrote here about the battle between the competing forest products certification Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Forest Stewardship Council (SFI). I thought that the fact that seven large companies decided to reject the SFI certification meant that SFI is going to lose this … Continued

Massive Oil Spill Off Nigerian Coast May Not Be Contained

Royal Dutch Shell announced on December 21, 2011 that about 40,000 barrels of crude oil leaked into the Atlantic Ocean from the Bonga Deep Offshore Oil Fields. Shell operates the oil field, located about 120 kilometers southwest of the Niger Delta, on behalf of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation under a production sharing contract. The … Continued

The Current State of Microfinance (and Why it Needs an Overhaul)

The following post is part of the course work for “Live Exchange” the foundational course on communication for The MBA Design Strategy Program at California College of the Arts. The rest of the posts are presented here. By Brian Schmierer Microfinance has a long history of helping the bottom of the economic pyramid to build … Continued

Happiness is Serious Business

In a world where every day conversations revolve around economic crises, political conflicts and natural disasters, it is no wonder that there is a new found interest in the subject of happiness. As all subjects related to sustainability become increasingly popular, I reflect on the sustainability of the human race and the important role that happiness plays in it.

Set SMART Goals to Effect Organizational Change

Since the early 2000s, Nike has transformed its business practices, increasing profitability through looking at specific ways to adjust operating principles, streamline finance management, overhaul inventory procedures and supply chain management. In the process, Nike demonstrated that a huge well-established company with many faithful customers and just as much competition can still increase profits. Through the implementation … Continued