BP Moves Beyond Solar

On May 19, 1997, John Browne, then the CEO of BP, gave his famous ‘Climate Change: the New Agenda’ speech at Stanford, outlining BP’s new approach to global warming. One part of that new agenda was a foray into new energy technologies, particularly solar. Now it looks like solar is about to join the rest … Continued

Heineken: The Red-Star Steward of Sustainability

Heineken just seemed to be a beer company to me; one with a ripened value due to years of good reputation. I had never thought about the company’s ethics toward profitability or brand positioning until recently when I had dinner with Heineken USA’s VP of Corporate Responsibility and Ethics during a business trip to Washington, D.C.

Resilience: The Next Big Word for 2012

Create a “sustainable ad­vantage” to win in this new age of sustainability. – From yet another sustainability consultancy newsletter. Big symbolic words come and go, and for various reasons they often annoy. That is not the fault of the actual words: articulating ideas like “corporate social responsibility” and “social entrepreneurship” in just one word is … Continued

Is Guilt a Sustainable Way to Pry Open Pockets?

The following post is part of the course work for “Live Exchange” the foundational course on communication for The MBA Design Strategy Program at California College of the Arts. The rest of the posts are presented here. By Sarah Anne White Why we should run screaming in the other direction from “Gala” or “Gift” Economics How many … Continued

Clean Technology Could Create Carbon Negative Advertising

An opportunity exists today, with currently available technology to transform an advertising billboard as we know it, into an environmentally beneficial device that could roughly offset the greenhouse gas emissions of two passenger vehicles for one year, every year that it is used.

The Culture Shift of 2011, and What It Means for Business (Part 2 of 2)

3p is proud to partner with the Presidio Graduate School’s Managerial Marketing course on a blogging series about “sustainable marketing.” This post is part of that series. To follow along, please click here. By Griff Foxley In part 1 of this post, I explored some of the forces at play today that are creating a … Continued

Yulelogs: Eco-friendly Biomass or Serious Health Threat?

A Tacoma-Pierce County, WA Task Force just sent its recommendations to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency about how to reduce soot in the air to meet EPA standards. The soot is created partly by diesel vehicles and industry, but the most (53 percent) is from wood burning stoves and fireplaces.

2011: The Year in Sustainability

Without a doubt, the year 2011 has been a remarkable year in the journey to a sustainable future. There have been some exhilarating highs and some devastating lows. While a steady drumbeat of warnings about climate destabilization persists, growing ever louder, the response seems to finally be an awakening of consciousness of the need to … Continued

Norquist Stance on Renewable Electricity Standards Gets Zapped

Where to start with right-wing maven Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, especially when he weighs in on the environment and renewable energy in his typically uninformed, anti-intellectual, anti-science, ideological and agenda-ridden style? Well let’s start with the fact that Norquist and Patrick Gleason, director state affairs for Norquist’s organization, have published an … Continued

An Oregon Model for Sustainable Cities (and It Ain’t Portland)

Gresham, Oregon has made great strides in its drive to craft a model for sustainable cities. One key aspect of its success has been a strategic, public-private partnership with Veolia Water NA, the centerpiece of which to date has been managing the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

A Sharing Economy for the 1%

The sharing economy is usually identified with the 99 percent. Think Airbnb, BookMooch or Freecycle. You probably won’t find the 1 percent crashing in a spare room or scoring a free microwave. These rich people don’t have the need or will to share resources, right? Well, they actually do. Apparently, the 1 percent is interested … Continued

Historic Mercury Regs from EPA a Boon for Health, the Environment and Jobs

A few small drops of mercury can contaminate a 20-acre lake and the fish that happen to reside there, thanks to coal-fired plant emissions. That’s a major reason why the EPA’s decision to regulate the emissions of mercury, lead and other toxic pollutants from coal- and oil-fired plants is a major victory for the health … Continued