Renewable Energy Mergers and Acquisitions Surge 40% in 2011

Renewable energy merger and acquisitions surged 40% in 2011, with solar energy and energy efficiency leading the way, according to a PwC report. Larger, billion-dollar, deals dominated, a sign of the sector’s increasing maturity, but persistent EU debt problems and overcapacity will continue to plague the sector and M&A in 2012, PwC believes.

Solar Power to Boost Agriculture Yields

The global power industry leader ABB of Switzerland recently pumped $20 million into California’s GreenVolts solar technology company, and the investment could pay big dividends for U.S. farmers. With fuel prices rising, a switch to solar power could ease the bottom line for the domestic agriculture sector, and GreenVolts has just announced a partnership with … Continued

Pasture-Raised vs. Industrial Organic: An Egg-cellent Stakeholder Engagement Lesson

The biggest farmers market in San Francisco has revised its standards for egg sellers, limiting approved vendors to those who pasture-raise their chickens (i.e. keep them outside where they can peck and scratch and eat grass and bugs) and kicking out farmers who keep their hens in barns and feed them grain exclusively. So far so good. The story gets interesting when you realize that the change impacts only one vendor: Petaluma Farms.

LA’s Transition to a Greener Economy

Our economy – and thus, our lifestyle – is firmly entrenched in the infrastructure that surrounds us and how we use it. This makes it extremely challenging to change how we live. At the VerdeXchange Conference in my home city of Los Angeles last week, I was pleased to encounter a group of individuals from government organizations and the private sector coming together to figure out how to transition Los Angeles to a greener economy. Even as a resident working in the sustainability field, I was surprised to learn about some of the work being done to green the city’s most carbon intensive and highly polluting facilities, operations, and infrastructure.

Lessons in Sustainability From Gandhi

January 30th 2012 is Gandhi’s 64th death anniversary and four days ago, India celebrated her Republic Day. It struck me that there are some sharp parallels between Gandhian philosophies and the sustainability movement.

Ford To Use Kenaf Plant Materials In New Escape

Following Ford’s recent announcement that they will use recycled plastic bottles for seat fabrics in the upcoming Focus Electric, the company’s efforts to increase the use of sustainable materials continues with the news that they will use kenaf plant fiber material for interior door bolsters for the new Escape. Kenaf, blended with polypropylene in a … Continued

Green Procurement and Business: What It’s All About

Flyerzone is an online printing company that offers design agency quality services without charging design agency prices. Drawing on the talent of our international network of artists, we add new designs and templates to the site every day, offering our customers a huge range of choices all in one place, at a price they can afford.

We do this by integrating our environmental philosophy with our commercial model: by reducing waste, recycling and using vegetable-based inks, Flyerzone uses as few resources as possible without compromising on the quality of its work. By sourcing 99 per cent of our paper from Forest Stewardship Council-certified forests, we ensure our business is sustainable in both the commercial and the environmental sense.

7 Trends That Will Shape Sustainable Consumption in 2012

The first month of 2012 is almost over, but it’s still difficult to envision how this year will look like, especially when it comes to the interaction between consumption and sustainability. One of the people who came for our help is Raphael Bemporad, the founding partner and Chief Strategy Officer of BBMG. He offered on Sustainable Brands a list of five trends that he believes will shape sustainable brands in 2012. This is a great list and we’d like to share it with you, adding our point of view as well as two more trends to watch for.

Landfills: From Beast to Beauty

Turning dumps to destinations says a lot about a municipality’s commitment to the local environment and approach to handling trash.

Driving the Next Industrial Revolution Through Efficiency

By Ryan Matley, Rocky Mountain Institute President Obama’s call in his State of the Union address to capitalize on “the strongest two-year period of manufacturing growth since the 1990s” by encouraging businesses to bring work back to the United States can be accelerated with energy efficiency innovation. While Obama urged Congress to take a series … Continued

Does Sustainability Increase Profits or Not?

A UN-backed survey conducted by Globescan and SustainAbility, of 642 senior executives, campaigners and academics found that the vast majority feel that pressure to deliver short-term financial results is impeding their sustainability efforts. Of course the sluggish economy has been a challenge, but do companies today really have to choose between profitability and sustainability or is this a false choice?

Chip Conley on Becoming Your Own CEO: Chief Emotions Officer

“We are living through an era where we are all being asked to be CEO’s, Chief Emotions Officer,” says Conley. It was through understanding his emotions via emotional equations that helped him get through a period of struggle in his life.