Glasgow Set to Become Center for Scottish Renewable Energy

The city of Glasgow is home to International Technology and Renewable Energy Zone (ITREZ) which is a research facility for renewable energy. Over the next 10 years, there is a planned investment of £100 billion in offshore wind energy.

2012 Shareholder Resolutions Address Corporate Political Power

For decades shareholder advocates have been changing corporate behavior from the inside. They have challenged companies and shown them that doing good is good business, and that corporate responsibility helps profitability. This proxy season we expect no different. Read more about the hot issues on 2012 proxy ballots and Proxy Preview 2012, a free guide to the resolutions.

Philadelphia Lands on the Biogas Map

“Waste not, want not,” Philadelphia resident Benjamin Franklin famously said, and the home of the Liberty Bell has taken his words to heart. Instead of flaring off waste gas from the city’s wastewater treatment plant, the Philadelphia Water Department has teamed up with the renewable energy company Ameresco to build a $47.5 million wastewater-to-biogas facility with a capacity of 5.6 megawatts.

8 Ways for Fast Food Companies to Green Their Packaging

An interview with Scot Quaranda, Campaign Director at Dogwood Alliance on their new report, “Greening Fast Food Packaging: A Roadmap to Best Practices,” which outlines eight key attributes of environmentally friendly fast food packaging and provides guidance for fast food companies on how to assess environmental impacts in the supply chain.

Three Ways to Manage Rising Gas Prices

By Derek Singleton There’s been a steady stream of articles about rising gas prices here on Triple Pundit. Some have looked at what the impacts of higher gas prices will be while others have acknowledged that they aren’t going lower and asked if your business is ready for the “new normal” of high fuel prices. … Continued

Electricity Democratization and Decentralization

Energy supply is slowly moving from centralized utility-scale power plants to small distributed renewable sources, a large number of which are privately owned. This trend has been dubbed the Democratization of Energy.

So what happens to NGOs?

In the rush to empower business as an actor for good, what happens to the NGO?

Pump Price Truths: Gas Won’t be Getting Cheaper, and That’s Okay

As painful as pump prices are this is great news over the long term for America. Price competitive sustainable product solutions are emerging. Today’s higher price for gasoline is accelerating our economy’s potential for implementing sustainable solutions that will create American manufacturing jobs and restore our environment.