Beginning of the End for Big Box Dominance?

With the announcement of the closure of 50 big box retail outlets, Best Buy recently added more evidence to a growing suspicion about the demise of the big box store as the dominating force in retail.

White House Honors Corporate Environmental Sustainability Leaders

A diverse crowd of sustainability gurus honored by the White House this month with the Champions of Change Award for their efforts in the category of Corporate Environmental Sustainability. April is the month to recognize companies, organizations and individuals whose mission is to advance holistic sustainability practices in their community, business or organizational structure.

Unilever Improves Supply Chain, Faces Challenges with Customer Behavior

Unilever released on Tuesday its first year’s progress report on the progress it made against its Sustainable Living Plan targets. The results so far are mixed – the report shows significant progress in many of the targets as well as real difficulties to move the needle in others. Yet, taking into account the high bar Unilever set up in this plan, with goals like doubling its sales while halving its carbon footprint by 2020, my impression is that the Sustainable Living Plan is so far a success story.

4 Fast Steps to Put a Price Tag on Ecosystem Services

What’s business if not value creation? Take something that doesn’t cost very much, add value, and create a profit. It’s only natural that many businesses do so using natural resources like land, trees, water, air, and fossil fuels as their inputs. So what’s the problem?

Interview: Dr. Michael Mann, Climate War Veteran

If there was a medal for fighting the climate war, Dr. Michael Mann should probably get one. In the last decade he has been at the front lines of the fight over climate change, most noticeably as the researcher who created one of the symbols of this war, the hockey stick graph, as well as one of the heroes of the Climategate scandal.

EPA Underestimates Emissions from Palm-Based Biofuels

Scientific and environmental groups announced that they will submit comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in response to EPA’s proposed finding that palm oil should not qualify for inclusion in the EPA’s Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) this morning.

GM Sees No Grounds to Throw Coffee Away

GM employees, led by its manager of waste reduction John Bradburn, are doing their part to divert waste from landfill. Watch for coffee grounds to become the new french fry oil.