Green Data Centers: Is It Worth Running a “Losing” Race?

Explosive growth in mobile computing and cloud services has industry players, public and private sector organizations focused on greening the data center. But with investments and data center facilities growing exponentially, it’s more than likely that electricity demand will far outstrip energy savings and renewable energy gains.

10 Green Lessons from the Sustainable Operations Summit

The Sustainable Operations Summit in New York, featured many interesting and smart people, from President Bill Clinton to Amory Lovins, talking about the green economy. Here are 10 takeaways, that provide valuable lessons or at least some food for thought.

Human Rights Lose Out at Bahrain Grand Prix

If you’re a Formula One Fan, you are well aware that Sebastian Vettel won last weekend’s Grand Prix in Manama, Bahrain. But human rights was a huge loser last weekend.

Urban Air Quality Could be Making Children Obese

Columbia University Center for Children’s Environmental Health performed a study on children and obesity recently and found that obesity afflicts 17 percent of America’s children. In inner-city neighborhoods, this number is closer to 25 percent. The study found that pollutants in the air contribute to obesity – especially a commonly found indoor pollutant in urban … Continued

Naked Energy Delivers Solar Electricity and Hot Water in One Package

Naked Energy is a new British start-up company that claims to have invented a hybrid solar technology that can produce both electricity and hot water. The tubular solar collectors produce hot water which is not only useful in itself but it also helps to regulate the temperature of the panel, keeping it from getting too hot, which improve its efficiency.

Geothermal Gives Missouri Bragging Rights to “Hottest School”

If Missouri University of Science and Technology wasn’t already on your list of hot schools, now its day has come. Missouri S&T has just broken ground on a new geothermal energy project that will replace three decades-old power plants that currently burn coal and wood chips. The new system will reduce the school’s carbon dioxide … Continued

Pulling Indian Farmers Out of Poverty

This is the official entry of Akhila Vijayaraghavan for the Rio Blogger Prize. The winner of the prize gets to go to Rio to cover the climate talks in June. If you like what you read, please support her and like, share, comment and tweet the original on TckTckTck’s website.  One of the biggest deterrents … Continued