Virgin Pure Plans to Transform UK Tap Water

Virgin Group’s Richard Branson and the Strauss Group’s Ofra Strauss headlined an event marking the launch of Virgin Pure, a water filtration system for UK homes.

The Occupy Movement Takes Aim At Chevron

The Occupy movement came to Chevron’s annual shareholder meeting yesterday in San Ramon, California when over 150 people protested at the annual shareholder meeting.

E-Waste Generates Additional Revenues for Consumer Electronic Retailers

Each year, approximately 2.5 million tons of electronic waste (e-waste) ends up in landfills, and according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency only 25 percent of this gets recycled. Although U.S. households account for the largest percentage of electronics in the market, these households only make up approximately 26 percent of the electronics recycling market.

A Sustainability Story: Full Sail Brewing Co.

We believe it is important to grow our business in a organic and sustainable way. We only look at opportunities that will allow us to build our business year after year. Because we are a small independent brewery in a very competitive environment we need to be sure that our business decisions are responsible and careful of our limited resources.

Generating Power From Water To Detect Pipe Leaks

HydroSpin developed micro-generators that use the flow of water within pipelines to develop electricity. The power generated is then used for monitors and devices that detect leakages or bursts.

Why CFOs and CSOs Should Collaborate for Integrated Reporting

Businesses must be able to track their environmental and financial efficiency by integrating environmental resource silos into one universal metric. When integrated with financial reporting, this provides a holistic look at a company’s environmental sustainability initiatives and their true impact on the business and the environment.

McDonald’s UK New Stakeholder Engagement Website Shows Signs of Progress

Following the failures of McDonald’s twitter campaigns, which have brought a storm of protest against the company, McDonald’s UK decided to try another approach. Instead of using an open social media platform in campaigns that seems to be more about advertising, it decided to build a new platform that will actually be more about engagement. The result is What Makes McDonald’s?, where stakeholders are invited to find the facts, share their views and ask McDonald’s a question or two.

When the Military Meets the Maker Movement

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) might not be ready to set up a booth at the next Maker Faire, but the agency is heading in that direction. DARPA’s new Adaptive Vehicle Make program has just teamed up with TechShop, a maker-friendly chain of shared workshops, to collaborate on a test bed for developing advanced … Continued

Why Your HR Department Needs to Drive Green

However after determining that environmental sustainability is a priority for your organization, the question turns to who will lead the change.  Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is actually loud and clear: the HR department. Here’s why.

BALLE: Local Heart and Soul

BALLE wasn’t about products or services, but about community building and ownership.