Domino’s Refuses To Move Away From Cruel Sow Gestation Crates

When it comes to convincing companies to phase out cruel sow gestation crates from their supply chains, this has been a good year. Fast food giants Wendy’s and McDonald’s both announced plans earlier this year to phase out the two by seven foot gestation crates pregnant pigs are kept in. Big food companies like Compass Group, which calls itself the world’s largest food and support services, announced similar plans. Even Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer on the planet, announced in December its plans to phase out the crates. Don’t expect a similar announcement from Domino’s, the world’s second-largest pizza chain with over 9,700 locations.

Domino’s shareholders rejected a proposal last month, submitted by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), to stop buying pork from suppliers who use sow gestation crates. Last year, a representative from HSUS asked the company, at the annual shareholder’s meeting, to move away from suppliers that use gestation crates. Domino’s just won’t listen despite the industry move away from the crates, and the fact that they are outlawed in eight states and the EU.

“Domino’s allows its suppliers to confine pigs in crates so small they can’t even turn around for nearly their entire lives,” said Kristie Middleton, food policy manager for the HSUS. “Consumers don’t support this animal abuse and it’s time Domino’s finally caught up with other restaurant companies by getting gestation crates out of its supply chain.”

Clearly many consumers don’t support the use of gestation crates, as a current petition indicates. The petition, which has received over 135,000 signatures, urges Domino’s to “phase cruel gestation crates out of their supply chains.” It asks why Domino’s can’t do what some of its fellow fast food giants have all done: “If all these huge companies can commit to getting rid of gestation crates, why is Domino’s unwilling to listen to the rest of the industry and consumer demand?”

A few months ago I wrote about the industry move away from gestation crates, and noted that the crates are so small that the sows can’t turn around while confined in them. They are moved to a different crate after giving birth, and post-birth are soon impregnated. Once pregnant again, they are moved back to the crates. Why would Domino’s not want to move away from such a cruel practice in a time when people are much more compassionate about the treatment of animals?

I also noted in my previous article that the increased appetite for meat lead to the rise of factory farms, which is why practices such as the use of gestation crates exist. Americans ate only 168 pounds of meat a year in 1970, and in 2005, ate 185 pounds a year. As I stated then, and stand by now, until Americans commit to eating less meat, factory farming will be a reality. And companies will have to deal with the taint of factory farms.

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Gina-Marie Cheeseman

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  1. Well, I won’t ever be eating there again!!!   And I will let everyone I know about there cruel, greedy practices at Dominos Pizza!!!     SHAME  ON  YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. no wonder the us is in the shape it is in because of people like you,do know how many jobs are lost because of the way the hsus does things,how many people go to jail because they cant aford to feed there horses.lets drive up the pork prices so people cant feed there famlies now,now you tell who the piece of sh*t is you caward.

        1. haha you fucking idiot. they would save money by using an alternative to gestational crates. you can’t even spell coward. ignorant americans like you are the downfall of this society. research your shit before making claims.

  2. well i think all of us have a right of opinion, for one i eat a t papa johns and moved away from Domino’s but after seeing Dominos standing up to Hsus, i will eat there again, beacuse of the “DOMINO’S CORP STANDING UP AND BEING HEARD” the problem is people have forgotten what the purposes of the animal realy are , it is to serve man not man serve animal.
     what you ignorent people do is agree with HSUS, than what you are doing is distroying the agriculture industries of America, allowing the humane society to dictate how we live, what we eat, do you understand the fall of America and the ones who help in this are the ones whom distroy farms with whom put the food on our tables, so you who agree with the HSUS are nothing but communist just as the ones you help push their propaganda on true americans.

    Proud American rEADY to Eat at DOMINO’S Again

    1. excuse me Mr Aster, you have a comment blog here, and is for comments for the way people think, i think we can comment just as long as we don;t speak the truth is that the way i understand this blog, if this is the way this blog is designed than shame on you lets burn the consitution of the United States first Amentment. the fact of the matter is Hsus is the biggest terrorist org in the America’s and i quote this from the FBI’s own mouth,
      American Deer Hunter

      1. once again american deer hunter thanks for speaking the truth,I guess some people doesnt like to here the truth even though its there rights that are being taking away. 

  3. Domino’s pizza are the least tastiest anyway. I for one am boycotting Dominos.  Redboner I bet you run over small animals just because! Right? The Problem with the US is the over killing of animals by people like you. Kill more than you need to take care of your family. Time and time again you read stories of the big brave Hunter getting arrested for jacking deer, killing more than allowed etc,. Put a criminal in a small cell like that is inhumane and you would be protesting your relatives can’t be treated like animals…Right?

  4. Well there goes another  spot off my list of preferred food.  How can a company knowingly agree on the mistreatment of animals.  Did you know that the animal race is actually second to the human race and deserve our respect.  Do we necessarily need a higher IQ to be against animal abuse.  I’m sorry you have such heartless people working for your company who are given the power to take such decisions. 

    Do the right thing and help stop this cruelty by no longer buying from places that practice this type of cruelty.

  5. With the down fall of American agricultral industries with the help of M Strongs communist  propaganda that the H$U$ follows in their agenda, to strip america from its animal food source, to pass laws and govern the way people live, to lie to congress to distory family farms to raise the price of animal food sources, have u looked at the prices of meats in the grocery’s, do you relize with the statements writen here, i read  theroy’s of people who are not educated about the Humane Sociaty, it does matter how an animal is treat or slaughtered, but to comdem a company that will not bowl down to the will of a orgnazation which will remove farms in the United States of America,.
    here are a few thiings maybe you didn’t know, educate your self before you comdem any food business, in our free america.

    god bless

    1. ADH, you seem like a reasonable person, so I’d like to suggest that the issue presented in this article simply has to do with the following- Domino’s is refusing to follow up on other big multinational corporations like McDonald’s and simply increase the size of the holding pens for these pigs. For a company that makes its revenues in the billions, it doesn’t seem to be asking for too much. Ofcourse there could be a significant cost involved in doing this, but when you are talking about the suffering of hundreds of thousands of animals that are being used to fulfill human desires (not even necessities, it would be an interesting day when Domino’s is included in the minimum nutrition tables), is it not worth a tiny fraction of a company’s total income to address this problem?
      I think you would raise the human factor and suggest that people will a. lose jobs or b. have their incomes cut if this is followed through. Nonsense! Such a move would actually benefit carpenters or whatever poor fellow has to describe himself as a ‘cage-maker’, the only dollars to be lost are at Domino’s, and Domino’s can take it.
      You also refer to the Humane society as communists, very simply, you don’t know exactly what a communist is, a communist wouldn’t be doing what the humane society does. Also there, for you, is the frightening inclusion of the term ‘Human’ in Humane, which you must reflect on.

  6. I used to order Domino’s pizza. Not anymore!!!! Not until they say “no” to these farms that habitually abuse the pigs that supply their meat. You can bet that none of my family and friends will buy from Domino’s!! Hellooooooooo Papa John’s!!! Bravo for their responsible decision-making with regard to this issue.

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