The Access Economy Comes to Your Washing Machine

In many urban environments and college towns, people don’t own laundry machines. La Machine du Voison (“The Neighbor’s Machine”) aims to connect those who do with those who need one.

Apple’s New Coal-Free Data Centers: Great News, Missed Opportunity

This was a good week for Apple. The company announced that “all three of our data centers will be coal free, which is an industry first for anybody of our size.” However, this could actually have been a great week for Apple if the company took its CSR a little bit more seriously.

Netherlands’ Repair Cafes Curb Consumerism

A repair cafe is a place you take your old, broken-down items, buy a cup of coffee, and get your things fixed so that you can continue using them.

Los Angeles Becomes Largest US City to Ban Plastic Bags

Last week the state of Hawaii introduced a state-wide ban on plastic bags, becoming the first US state to do so. In spite of significant loopholes, this is a very brave move as plastic bags cause untold environmental problems. Now the city of Los Angeles has banned plastic bags becoming the largest US city with … Continued

LED Adoption: The Rocky Path to a Long Awaited Tipping Point

The advantages of high brightness light emitting diodes (HBLED) are well known, however widespread adoption has been slow in coming despite a multi billion dollar expected market. This post discusses the rocky road to widespread adoption of HBLEDs.

Solar Cogeneration Start-up Adds Cooling Capability to Its Heat and Electricity Portfolio

The Silicon Valley start-up is now on the path to commercializing its solar CPV-thermal co-generation system that provides cooling as well as electricity and heating. Along the way, it’s further improved the economics and efficiency of its technology and realizing the goal of offering customers a firm, consistent source of clean, renewable energy that without any subsidies can compete with any conventional or other alternative energy.

SAP: ‘It’s about business’

ERP software giant SAP has shown a spectacular recovery since the recession. At the SAPPHIRE NOW conference in Orlando, the company displays its successes, as well as its shortcomings.

How a Cookstove Becomes a Carbon Credit

How do you make a cookstove into a carbon credit? Take a region where charcoal is the cooking fuel of choice, switch it out for a cleaner burning fuel that doesn’t contribute to global warming quite so dramatically, then, somehow, track the whole thing accurately enough that it’s possible to measure the tons of emissions the switch represents.