Landscape Architecture is Not Just Decoration

Sometimes sustainability occurs without fanfare. Some industries are so “green” that people within them take advances in sustainability for granted. Landscape architecture is one such industry.

Cleanwell: Partnering with Nature to Clean

Cleanwell was incubated at IDEO utilizing human centered design, beginning with a hand sanitizing product that you can easily carry with you in your pocket or your purpose. You might think that hand sanitizers are a dime a dozen, but the key differentiator is Cleanwell’s active cleaning ingredient.

Design Firm Turns Bullets Into Beads In Ethiopia

Raven+Lily, founded by two women, features an Ethiopian Collection whose jewelry is made from bullet casings found by farmers, a product of 20th century wars, on their lands and turned into beads.

Indian MBA Program Offers a Minor in Empathy

SP Jain has developed a new program for students designed to make them experience true poverty and appreciate what they have to be grateful for in their own lives, and gives them insights into consumer behavior, particularly among those at the bottom of the pyramid, striving under difficult conditions.

Joolz Turns the Humble Cardboard Box Into an Object of Delight

Companies have gone to great lengths to make their packaging more sustainable, but Dutch company Joolz has gone a simpler, brand valuable move: Make its packaging easily converted into useful objects themselves, from lampshades to chairs.

5 Lessons from the Fiasco of Toshiba’s No-Print Day Campaign

Toshiba’s first annual National No-Print Day was supposed to be “a nationwide campaign to encourage, educate and challenge individuals and companies to commit to one day of no printing to raise awareness of the impact printing has on our planet.” Yet, sometimes good intentions are not enough, and after the campaign generated furious response from the printing industry, Toshiba canceled the campaign. Here are five lessons to be learned.

OpEd: Leveraging Sports as a CSR & Sustainability Platform

The growing importance of major sports events in the world today from an engagement perspective is a reality. The reach and impact that major sports events have on the lives of billions of people around the world is undisputed. Sport represents an unparalleled platform for driving sustainability mainstream.

The Truth Will Out: A Distinct and Fast-Growing Market

According to a 2011 study by OgilvyEarth of US consumers, about 16 percent of those surveyed are deeply committed to purchasing green and think of themselves as sustainability-oriented. Facilitating the green consumer’s purchasing decisions, the rise in online transparency tools, like GoodGuide is helping a consumer quickly understand and rate a company’s health, environmental and social practices and impacts.

CSR in the Early Days of Capitalism

Nancy Koehn, Harvard Business School professor and historian explains how we can find examples of corporate responsibility, especially with regards to companies’ social footprint, as early as the foundation era of capitalism.

Rio+20’s Legacy: Filling the Leadership Vacuum

The very fact that 50,000 people from across the world came together here for the Rio+20 Earth Summit because they are united in a belief that we can and must make accelerated progress towards sustainable development is significant.

How Can Ethernet Empower Innovation?

While you might think ethernet is just for transmitting internet access, it can actually transfer energy for lighting.