What Should We Do With All the Gas Pumps?

It’s probably premature to worry about the fate of the gasoline pump in a world without gas, but Nissan Australia is having some fun with the idea anyway.

Nissan has come up with a clever ad campaign for its all-electric vehicle, the Leaf, wherein the discriminating voter can weigh-in on what should be done with all those gas pumps in a “world without petrol.”

Perhaps they could be transformed into guitar speakers or amps, or jukeboxes, or grandfather clocks—you get the idea, the possibilities for recycling those one-day obsolete structures are virtually endless.

Nissan says that the Leaf heralds a new era of transportation, or at least that’s what the company hopes will happen. Sales of the car in the U.S. are growing slowly, but at least they are growing.

In honor of the recent launch of the Leaf in Australia, the company’s  interactive campaign that asks Australians to imagine a world where gas is no longer needed.

By the way the Aussies call gas, “petrol” and gas pumps, “bowsers.”  Bowser?

Anyway, Nissan designed a battery of repurposed bowsers that the public can vote on and then even win to do with as they please. Hopefully whatever happens will occur in the privacy of their own homes with the shades drawn, or perhaps somewhere in the Outback.

How about a big gumball machine, or the bean lattice is certainly very attractive.

Sure it’s all nonsense but once EVs really catch on and take over and the Oil Age and petrol are quaint and embarrassing memories—surely that will happen won’t it?—then what should be done with all those bowsers, er, gas pumps?

[Image: Nissan Australia screen capture]

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