How About a CAFE Standard for Utilities?

Atlanta-based utility giant Southern Company is set to fire up a new 100MW biomass facility.This is a big positive step for the company, which, was rated 494th out of 500 on Newsweek’s green ranking list and was rated the dirtiest of the Dirty 7 by Green America.


While some would call SPAM delicious, few would call it sustainable. Until now.

Climate Change Poses Many Business Risks

Last year set records for economic and insured losses caused by natural catastrophes. Extreme weather events in 2011 accounted for 90 percent of the disasters and eight of the 10 most costly ones, which resulted in overall losses of over $148 billion and insured losses of over $55 billion. As a joint report by Oxfam … Continued

Video Interview: Debbie Altham, Sustainable Dynamics

Since most companies run ERP software already, it made sense to make collecting GRI compliant data easier and faster by simply building an add on to software companies are already familiar with.

Solar Seniors Help Realize California, U.S. Renewable Energy Goals

California seniors are increasingly helping realize the goals of Gov. Brown’s clean, renewable energy and energy security initiatives, one central aim of which is to install 12,000-MW of local renewable power generation across the state by 2020. America’s growing number of “solar seniors” are seen as key customers for Gen110, which now provides 40% of residential solar PV power in the San Jose metro area.

The Truth Will Out: Integration

Have CSR department become redundant? Not in the traditional sense, but it’s time to integrate sustainability, which means putting sustainable principles into every facet of business operations.

Cleantech Co bSolar Develops Double-Sided Solar Panels

Solar panels have been around for decades, but researchers are still trying to develop affordable double-sided panels – able to capture both direct and reflected sunlight. Israeli startup bSolar says it has developed bifacial solar panels that can boost energy yield by up to 50 percent.

Is God Punishing Chick-Fil-A?

The outrage being leveled at the company for their stance on gay marriage is justified, and will take a bite out of their profits.

Why Communication Should Be at the Heart of Any CSR Strategy

When you get into the nitty-gritty of what your corporate responsibility strategy is and what type of goals you are setting for the future, things can get complicated quickly. How do you know you’re benefiting the community? You need reporting, goals, and most importantly, feedback from the people who are influenced by your company.

Greenpeace’s Shell Hoax: The Aftermath

While the Greenpeace hoax against Shell’s Arctic drilling plans certainly grabbed the attention of many people as well as the media, it’s still not clear how effective it was at moving the needle. No one doubt mastering online activism is at least as important as mastering it offline, but is this hoax activism at all?