Cheap Solar Comes to Boston

The Solarize Mass program offers solar at rates lower than the state average. How do they do it? Find out how you can get in on the action.

Why Efficiency Won’t Solve Our Water Problems

The drought of 2012 has reminded us that water is a scarce resource, even though we pay fractions of a penny per gallon for it and expect that it’ll be there every time we turn on the tap. We depend on it not only for our drinking and washing and especially for the food we eat, but also for generating the electric power on which our economy depends.

3 Software Cornerstones for Successful Sustainability Initiatives

In order to impact the Triple Bottom Line–people, planet, profit–executives must ensure that they have focused on improving data collection and automation, analysis of sustainability data, and sustainability leadership that is data-driven and accountable.

How Energy Efficiency Strategy Pays Off in Grand Rapids

The City of Grand Rapids, Michigan has recognized that to achieve the biggest energy savings and to achieve its sustainability goals, the city must take a more systemic and strategic triple-bottom line approach to energy efficiency.

Clean vs Dirty Energy: Learning From India’s Great Blackout

Over 400 million Indians lack access to modern energy. After the blackout in early August that left another 700 million Indians without energy – nearly 10% of the world’s population – how can clean energy be promoted over reliance on dirty coal?

In Defense of Increasing Profits as the Social Responsibility of Business

The social responsibility of business is to increase profits by meeting the wants and needs of individuals in society, without the initiation of force. The only way a business can increase profit is if a business, small, medium, or large is providing something of value to other individuals.

Why Water Scarcity Means Food Scarcity

Andy Wales, SVP of Sustainable Development at SABMiller weighs in on what his firm is doing to manage these competing challenges.

Women in Green: We Haven’t Hit Rock Bottom Yet

After attending the Women in Green Forum in Santa Monica, this post explores limiting factors to broader engagement in the sustainability movement and the importance of developing a willingness to try, and change.