A Growing and Power Hungry Internet

By Gerad Hoyt

Over the past month and a half there’s been quite a big stir around the Internet and its impact on the environment following the piece from the NY Times, Power, Pollution and the InternetWhile the article was criticized for being being a bit sensational, its underlying point is one that many people should be thinking about: The Internet isn’t just a cloud of magic, there are real, power consuming resources that it takes to keep all of our virtual world up and running.

The topic was actually brought up, here a week before in Is the Internet Killing our Climate? The fact is there are far too few people that consciously think about what the real impact of the Internet is on the environment. After much research, I decided to compile this infographic about how big an environmental issue the Internet truly is. Are we doing enough with the pace at which the Internet is growing to reduce its impact, or will it be the next Inconvenient TruthFeel free to share this piece and as always comments are very welcome.

A Power Hungry InternetFrom WirelesSatelliteInternet.org

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