Liar’s Flights: How Fake Flights Mislead Passengers

Flying is irritating enough without misleading information getting in the way. So how would you like to know that many of the flights listed on airport monitors around the county do not exist? I call them “liar’s flights” and they exist only in the imagination of the airlines that fabricate them.

2012: Four Trends in Sustainable Consumption

Was 2012 a good year in terms of sustainable consumption, where people purchased more green products while adopting alternative and more sustainable practices, such as car sharing? And if so, to what extent?

Lisa Jackson Departs EPA

EPA chief Lisa Jackson announced yesterday that she will be leaving her position as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. She said she has discussed her departure with the President and will step down after the January inauguration.

Apparel Companies Knew About Factory Fire Hazards

A report by the International Labor Rights Forum exposes how apparel companies know about the fire hazards in garment factories, but do not publicly disclose that knowledge, which puts workers in jeopardy.

“Promised Land” Promises to be More than a Fracking Movie

The new Promised Land movie stars Matt Damon and Josh Krasinski, who co-wrote the drama exploring broader themes about identity, by following the drama that can erupt when the natural gas drilling method called fracking alters the civic landscape in an economically fragile community.

Olazul: Small Aquaculture is Beautiful

Olazul seeks to address both the social and environmental impact of fishery collapse by building community-scale aquaculture systems that innovate new alternatives to conventional large-scale industrial farming systems while providing local fishing communities with an economically viable product and business model.

U.S. to Become World’s Top Oil and Gas Producer by 2017

We are experiencing an American Energy renaissance. The U.S. is projected to overtake Russia as the largest producer of natural gas in three years, and Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil producer by the year 2017.

Do PSAs Change Behavior?

While research may question the correlation between Public Service Advertisements (PSAs) and behavior change, organizations seem undeterred in their commitments to leverage the medium. However, some issues are better suited to be impacted by these advertising campaigns petitioning for change than others.

Sandy Aftermath Highlights Need For Storm Surge Protection Design

In the wake of superstorm Sandy, it is imperative that storm surge protection design is implemented to protect miles of vulnerable coastline in the tri-state area. The design community and Environmental Protection Agency have collaborated on projects to provide scalable and sustainable solutions that are essentially “shovel ready.” Collective action needs to be taken now in conjunction with the rebuilding efforts, as the threat of rising sea levels poses a significant threat to a densely populated region.