Record Number of U.S. Companies Issuing Sustainability Reports

2011 was the first year ever that a majority of companies in the S&P 500 publicly disclosed their sustainability performance, according to new research from Governance & Accountability Institute. Moreover, companies that issued sustainability reports enjoyed higher financial returns than their non-reporting competitors.

Safeway Exceeds Cage-Free Eggs Goal

Safeway Inc. is the first major grocery retailer in the U.S. to require all of its cage-free eggs to become Certified Humane.

5 Ways Building Information Modeling Can Help Plan and Track LEED Credits

Today, an increasing number of construction firms are relying on building information modeling (BIM) to plan their LEED credits before the construction phase. Once it’s time to build, firms are turning to LEED-specific project management software to keep documentation in order, improve team collaboration and share knowledge on project best practices. Here are five ways these technologies can help drive efficiencies in the LEED accreditation process.

Designing a More Sustainable & Green Business by Looking at Immigrant Culture

There has been a lot of heated discussion around the topic of immigration and in particular their impact on American resources. Looking at a 2010 study, we can clearly see that this is not true. Why is it that cities with the highest carbon footprint have an immigration population of 5% while cities with the lowest have 25%?

The Big Drip: Profit’s Place in the Water Business

Water is a natural resource pertinent to the survival of all human life; the mere thought of such being inaccessible to some is both unfathomable and ludicrous, nevertheless such a dilemma exists in a world where profit takes precedence over equality and human rights. Research suggest that the privatization of water has lead to inefficiencies in infrastructure, management and delivery, environmental degradation and inequity in attaining clean drinking water to poor people’s both domestically and in developing countries.

2012 Year End Sustainability Wrap-up

When we look back at 2012 from what we hope will be a sustainable future, what will be the things that stand out as the most significant? What were the events that helped to tip the scale in favor of mass concerted action?

The Motivation Behind Buying and Gifting

Gift-giving can play an important role in our society, specially during Christmas. The purchasing process can be a negative experience for the person who is buying, but it is always beneficial for retailers who often rely on holidays to increase the overall profit for the year. Has the meaning of holidays gotten lost in our materialistic world?

Arby’s Says No to Gestation Crates

Arby’s, the second largest quick service sandwich chain in the U.S. with over 3,500 restaurants, is the latest company to announce a new policy to eliminate gestation crates from its pork supply chain.

Pizza, Profits and Politics: Can an Aggressive Political Opinion Affect the Bottom-Line?

Papa John has recently stated his opposition towards Obamacare, declaring it would increase the prices of his pizzas. Chik-fil-A also announced its political bias with its opposition towards gay marriage. Nevertheless, it unaffected its customer base after the media storm settled. Can an aggressive political opinion affect a company’s bottom-line? We have yet to determine how Papa John’s is affected by theirs.

TreeHugger & MNN Come Together

In November, two leading green news websites, Mother Nature Network (MNN) and TreeHugger, announced their intention to merge. Now that the work has begun, TriplePundit caught up with TreeHugger Editor-in-Chief, Meaghan O’Neill and MNN CEO Joel Babbitt to find out how things are going and what the future holds.

2012: Top 10 Sustainable Start-Ups

In 2012 we had many entrepreneurs that worked hard to create a more sustainable future. While we don’t have the space to mention each and every new entrepreneur and start-up, we did choose a list of 10 start-ups that we loved in 2012 and believe we’ll hear more about in the upcoming years.