Corporate Giving Programs Still Going Strong

Philanthropy and corporate giving programs are not going away; this decades-old movement has merely morphed into a more democratic process that touches more people with a wide array of passions.

Making Sense of the Circular Economy

The circular economy, a concept developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, offers a path to economic growth and environmental sustainability in a world of shrinking resources.

Green Energy Options Get a Boost Through Electric Choice Programs

One of the stumbling blocks for ecologically sustainable and newer alternative energy sources is that they’re not yet developed to their full capacity, and when they’re not fully funded the same way that more established sources are–such as petroleum–it’s hard to get them up to speed.

Avon Helps Pass Domestic Violence Legislation

Beginning in 2004, the Avon Foundation has made great strides in the fight against domestic violence. Their latest victory is a big one – in the fall of 2012, Avon Hungary helped native NGOs pass legislation outlawing domestic violence in that country.

“Game Changer” Water Conservation Plan Pairs H&M with WWF

H&M’s sustainability efforts get a huge boost as the company partners with WWF on a worldwide water conservation initiative, covering the company’s entire supply chain, its 94,000 employees, and its operations in 48 national markets.

SF Plan to Buy Clean Energy from Dirty Company Stirs Controversy

A $19.5M proposal known as CleanPower SF, will require roughly half of San Francisco’s residents to purchase green electricity from Shell Energy, despite the fact that the change would increase residential utility bills by an average of $23 per month. An additional $1.4M outreach campaign, aimed at promoting the program and informing the public of their choices, was approved last week.

The New Solution That Makes Crops “Invisible” to Pests

One of the biggest problems facing farmers worldwide is pests, which can destroy entire crops and are often resistant to pesticides. Israeli startup EdenShield is working on a product that tricks insects into believing that the crops simply aren’t there.